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Heart Attacks in New Jersey Sports Stadiums Lawyer

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People who suffer from heart disease or have had previous heart problems may be at an increased risk for cardiac arrest depending on the situation. Heart attacks can come at any time and with little warning, which makes them undeniably dangerous.

With such a high population of fans within a sports stadium, various emergency units such as automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are supposed to be placed in key locations to ensure those that suffer a heart attack obtain the spot treatment they need. However, if these units malfunction due to neglect by the stadium staff, major problems can arise.

If your loved one suffered from cardiac death in a sports stadium due to negligence by stadium personnel, pursuing compensation through a civil suit may be your most effective course of action. A heart attacks in New Jersey sports stadiums lawyer could help you explore your legal options and guide you through the process. Call one of our compassionate attorneys today to get started on your claim.

Important Facts on Cardiac Arrest

While it may not seem like sports stadiums would be a common place for heart attacks, it is worth considering the amount of stress and emotion that someone may go through seeing his or her team in a tight game. Die-hard sports fans often undergo a wide array of emotions in a short amount of time, making a heart attack a real possibility.

According to the American Heart Association, 424,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital on an annual basis in the country. Tragically, many of these accidents end up being deadly.

One of the keys to potentially surviving this deadly emergency, aside from being treated by a medical responder, is to utilize an AED. These portable defibrillator units produce an electric shock that attempts to jump-start the heart.

Each minute that passes diminishes a heart attack victim’s chances for survival by seven to 10 percent, which is a staggering figure. Unfortunately, in a crowded area such as a sports stadium, delays in this type of urgent treatment are far more likely to occur due to the necessary equipment either being tucked away in a far area or not operable due to a lack of maintenance.

Good Samaritan Act

In New Jersey, the Good Samaritan Act protects you if you attempt to save another’s life in good faith. For instance, if an individual were to suffer a heart attack and you tried to help but were unable to succeed, you could not be sued by the victim’s surviving family. However, the venue where the cardiac arrest occurred may be sued for wrongful death if employees acted negligently or failed to assist the person in distress.

Out-of-State Fans

In most personal injury cases, the law of the state where the accident occurred applies in that case as opposed to the home state of the individual who suffered the injury. If someone was visiting from California and has a heart attack at a New Jersey sports stadium, New Jersey’s laws would apply. For more information about the state’s laws and how a heart attacks in New Jersey sports stadiums lawyer could help, contact an attorney today.

Protecting New Jersey Sports Fans from Heart Attacks in Stadiums

When an individual suffers a heart attack and suffers serious injury or death due to the sports stadium’s negligence, or if no AED was available to provide emergency assistance, it is possible that there are grounds for a lawsuit. Consulting with a skilled heart attacks in New Jersey sports stadiums lawyer could provide you or your family with much-needed respite by fighting for your legal rights. To speak with an experienced attorney, contact our firm today.