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Cherry Hill Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather

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In the Northeast, snow events and ice events happen all the time. Sometimes winters are particularly cold and as a result, drivers have to deal with snow, ice, and slippery conditions. Anybody driving in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in the winter time needs to be on alert and cautious of car accidents involving bad weather.

If you have recently been in an accident due to environmental causes, a skilled car accident lawyer can help you navigate your case. After Cherry Hill car accidents involving bad weather, a lawyer who is familiar with car accident cases can be vital to your case.

Fault and Damages

Recoverable damages in a Cherry Hill weather involved car accident would be economic damages, which would include medical bills, lost wages or incomes, past, present, and future as well as non-economic damages, such as damages for suffering, pain, disability, loss of enjoyment of life, and impairment. In rare circumstances when the conduct is particularly egregious of a defendant, there may be punitive damages, which are meant to punish a defendant.

Every car accident is unique and all factors must be evaluated, if there is a severe weather, at the time of the car accident, because it could impact an assignment of responsibility by determining who was not acting reasonable under circumstances.


Evidence for car accidents involving bad weather in Cherry Hill would include the area of the roadway that is involved. Research can be done to prove whether or not there has been a high incident of car accidents in that areas due to water build up, drainage issues, and sideline issues that are negatively impacted by weather conditions.

Protection from Bad Weather

Anybody involved in a car accident, the first step is to preserve any evidence to determine who is responsible for that accident in those types of the conditions, like roadway ice, flooding, and wind. Those types of conditions could affect who is responsible for a car accident, so they need to be investigated.

The first step to avoid car accidents involving bad weather is to drive appropriate for the conditions. That includes slowing down the person’s vehicle, making sure they have good snow tires on their vehicle, ensuring four wheel drive is activated, and headlights appropriately, depending on the weather conditions.

Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer

Sometimes a car accident happens with a single vehicle because of defective conditions of the roadway or malfunctioning vehicles. An experienced Cherry Hill lawyer will be able to look at the physical condition of the roadway as well as the car to help determine whether or not there is some other cause for the accident.

An experienced lawyer will protect and preserve evidence of the car accident involving bad weather in Cherry Hill, assist in obtaining all of the insurance benefits a person is entitled to, assist in dealing with the insurance company, and if litigation is required, pursue the litigation and go to a jury for a verdict, if necessary.