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Construction Accident Brain Injuries in New Jersey

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It is no surprise that construction is listed as one of the top industries at high risk for brain injury according to the Brain Injury Institute. Although construction workers attempt to protect their heads and brains from occupational hazards by wearing hard hats, some head injuries that occur in construction accidents cannot be prevented. Brain and head injuries are a common result of construction accidents despite wearing protective equipment.

Falls are a leading cause of head trauma because construction workers are often on uneven ground or wet surfaces and they frequently climb ladders, work on elevated platforms, scaffolding and lifts. In addition, falling objects or debris, unsafe working conditions, equipment failure and heavy machine accidents can often result in head injuries that warrant contact with a New Jersey construction accident attorney as well.

Severity of Head Injuries

Head and brain injuries are classified by the severity of damage. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is physical trauma, a bump or blow to the head that disrupts normal brain function. Even if a person is diagnosed with a mild TBI, such as a concussion, he or she may still experience serious and disabling conditions resulting from the injury.

Head injuries can be tragic, especially when they penetrate the brain. Workers who survive accidents resulting in a brain injury can face varying degrees of severity; effects lasting a few days to disabilities that may last the rest of their lives. Head and brain trauma affect many aspects of one’s life such as memory loss, motor and cognitive impairment, immobility and emotional and personality instability. Severe cases of brain trauma can leave the survivor unable to execute everyday functions and daily personal care as well as the inability to participate in life activities.

Benefits An Attorney Can Provide After Construction Accident Brain Injuries in New Jersey

Victims of construction accidents that suffer from brain injuries often lose the ability to perform job duties and are faced with long term medical complications and financial hardship. Injury lawyers at Grungo Law are skilled at evaluating construction accident claims and will assist traumatic brain injury victims and their families gain future financial security and stability necessary for the recovery process. Contact our team after suffering construction accident brain injuries in New Jersey.

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