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Liability For Construction Accidents in New Jersey

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People around the world enter and inhabit residential and commercial buildings every day. Most of us take for granted that these buildings are structurally sound and safe, but defects in construction and design can cause serious injury and even death when buildings collapse or safety is compromised.

Construction workers, building inhabitants and pedestrians are put at risk everyday when defects in construction, engineering or architectural design occur. Determining who is responsible is pivotal to victims or their New Jersey construction accident lawyers trying to claim compensation for their injuries.

Contractors and sub-contractors for construction companies face liability when injury occurs due to the improper construction of a building. Failure to follow blueprints and construction plans, using defective or sub-standard materials and errors or negligence in building procedures can result in serious and catastrophic injury.

A person falling from a window in a high rise building because the frame was not properly attached; people being injured or killed when a roof collapses from defective materials; and someone being electrocuted by live wires left exposed are just some examples of the types of consequences that can occur with construction defects.

Liability For Injuries

On the other hand, when people are injured or killed because they fall down a flight of stairs that were poorly designed or when a person is killed from an explosion that results from contact with unmarked gas lines, the liability rests with the architect that designed the building. Similarly, a roof that collapses despite the fact that it was constructed according to plan may leave the engineer that approved the plan liable for the injuries sustained. Even property owners can be held liable for injuries sustained if they fail to provide safety barriers to prevent injuries or engage in decision-making with contractors, engineers or architects that lead to damages.

The bottom line in all of these situations is that someone must be held liable to compensate those affected, injured or killed by the construction defects. Serious injury resulting from construction, engineering or architectural design can leave a person permanently disabled. A family could be left without an income if their loved one is killed. Medical bills, surgeries, physical therapy and prescriptions for those injured can quickly deplete the victim’s savings accounts, possibly leading to eviction and homelessness.

Filing A Claim

Determining who is liable is essential to bringing a successful lawsuit to claim damages. Consulting with a competent and reliable accident attorney can help you determine who is liable for your injuries. An experienced construction lawyer can also counsel and represent you to ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you claim the highest level of compensation available to you.