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New Jersey Work Place Accidents

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Construction sites are located not only in residential and commercial areas but also along roadways and highways. Construction work zones present additional safety hazards for construction workers given their proximity to moving traffic.

Each year thousands of construction accident injuries occur at roadway construction and highway work zones.  In 2012, over 600 construction workers were fatally injured in accidents that took place in construction or maintenance work zones.   At the personal injury law firm of Grungo Law, our dedicated New Jersey construction accident lawyers help construction workers injured in construction and highway work zones obtain compensation for their injuries.

Construction and Highway Work Zone Hazards

Most injuries resulting from construction or highway work zone accidents are caused by motor vehicles.  Drivers who speed in construction zones, ignore safety measures (such as construction signs, traffic directions or caution signals) or engage in distracted driving can cause construction accidents that result in devastating physical injuries.

Common Construction and Highway Work Zone Accidents

  • Collisions with moving construction vehicles and equipment (including rear end, sideswipe and fixed object collisions)
  • Back over accidents
  • Overturning of construction vehicles or heavy machinery
  • Falls from vehicles or mobile equipment
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Exposure to toxic substances and burns
  • Being caught in between construction equipment
  • Being struck by objects

Due to the multitude of hazards at construction and highway work zones, the Federal Highway Administration has developed the National Highway Work Zone Safety Program to encourage compliance with safety standards in these types of work zones.  Failure to adhere to federal regulations in this area may impose additional liability on construction site owners.

When a construction site owner or property management company fails to take basic safety precautions (such as the adequate posting of signs, barrels or lane barriers), negligence may have occurred.  Construction workers are most at risk to sustain a serious bodily injury at a roadway construction or highway work zone.

For injured workers, the filing of a Workers’ Compensation claims is not the only avenue to obtain compensation for their injuries. Injured construction workers may bring third party liability claims against those entities responsible for maintaining safe roadway construction and highway work zones.

Construction workers are not the only individuals that can be in harm’s way at construction and highway work zones.  Highway maintenance workers, tractor trailer drivers, construction equipment operators, pedestrians, drivers and their passengers may also suffer injuries at dangerous work zones.

Construction Work Zone Injuries

Accidents in construction work zones can result in significant physical injuries that may require years of medical treatment and rehabilitation.  Among the most serious injuries resulting from accidents at construction and highway work zones are: amputation of limbs, broken or sprained bones, spinal cord injuries or paralysis, concussions or other traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding, and permanent scarring. These types of physical injuries often require extensive medical treatment including surgery, hospitalization, extensive rehabilitation, medication and adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs.

Representing Individuals Injured in Highway Work Zones

If you or your loved one has been injured in a construction accident at a roadway construction or highway work zone, you may be entitled to compensation.  The dedicated lawyers at Grungo Law can help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.  Our experienced personal injury lawyers can assist you with claim investigation, settlement negotiations and trial preparation.