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Third Party Liability Claims in New Jersey

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When an individual suffers an injury at the workplace there may be several responsible parties.  Workers injured due to the negligence of their employer or a co-worker may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. When the recklessness, negligence or intentional acts of another party also contribute to the injury, the injured worker may also be entitled to compensation from that “third party.” Third party liability claims are especially common in car accidents and construction accidents.

Third Party Liability Claims Provide Additional Compensation

Third party liability claims provide an additional source of compensation for injured workers. Under the traditional Workers’ Compensation system, injured workers may only obtain compensation for their medical treatment and lost wages.  Third party liability claims, including products liability and premises liability claims, allow an injured worker to also receive compensation for other financial losses as well as pain and suffering damages.

Injured workers should always retain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands the complexities of third party liability law. At the personal injury law firm of Grungo Law, our experienced attorneys have successfully handled countless third party liability claims for those who have suffered car accident injuries and construction accident injuries.

Potentially Responsible Third Parties

Employers are not the only parties potentially responsible for losses suffered by injuries on the job.  In addition to employers and co-workers, many other parties may share liability for worker injuries at the jobsite including:

  • Engineers, designers, manufacturers, marketers, distributors and sellers of defective tools, machinery and equipment
  • Property site owners
  • Property maintenance companies
  • Drivers of cars or trucks that cause car accidents
  • Manufacturers, designers and marketers of defective automobile components

Many construction site injuries result from the use of dangerous equipment or factory machinery. Other workers are significantly injured in forklift accidents.  In these types of cases, injured workers may file third party product liability claims against the designers, manufacturers and marketers of defective products (including machinery components.)

Another common type of third party liability claim involves premises liability. Personal injuries can result from explosions and collapses at job sites. Individuals can also suffer serious injuries in slip and fall accidents at work. Workers injured at job sites may file third party premises liability claims against property owners, real estate managers, property maintenance companies and leasing agents.

If an individual is injured in a car accident during the course of their employment, they may file third party claims against other drivers and third party product liability claims against the manufacturers, designers and marketers of defective automobiles and automobile components (including brake systems and transmissions).

Third Party Liability Damages

By filing a third party liability claim in addition to a Workers’ Compensation claim, injured workers may obtain full compensation for the costs of past and future medical treatment, rehabilitation treatments including occupational therapy, loss of earnings as well as damages for loss of consortium and pain and suffering.

Consulting With An Attorney

If you or your loved one have suffered personal injuries while on the job, you may have the basis for a third party liability claim against one or more potentially responsible parties.  At Grungo Law, our New Jersey injury lawyers assist injured individuals in obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries by filing third party liability claims against all potentially responsible parties.

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