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New Jersey Toxic Materials Exposure Lawyer

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Exposure to toxic materials occurs where someone has been injured because they came in contact with materials that have resulted in an injury and cost for damages. People that work on construction sites may be exposed to more toxic materials than average, with dangerous chemicals are going to be more likely to be exposed to them.

Toxic materials exposure can have serious effects and recovery, making the help of an experienced attorney important. If you have experienced an injury, you may be eligible for financial compensation with the help of a toxic materials exposure attorney in New Jersey.

Exposure to Harmful Materials

As with chemical exposure, people are often exposed through their jobs. For example, if an individual is a construction worker or a factory worker and exposed to toxic materials, that individual may have a higher risk of damage. But people who do not work in these areas are also sometimes exposed if they just happen to be in an area such as a store, or an office building, or somewhere that they do not even realize that they are coming in contact with toxic materials.

Toxic material exposure attorneys in New Jersey have had cases where people went to work in an office building for years not realizing that the office building was old and it was full of asbestos. Anyone can come in contact with these materials, and it depends on whether a person knows they are coming in contact with these materials. Toxic materials exposure attorneys in New Jersey can help determine the impact of the material.

Common Injuries

Similar to the chemical exposure, when someone is exposed to toxic materials, there could be short-term injuries such as burns and breathing difficulties. Another issue could be a loss of or damage to eyesight.

But there are also long-term effects that we have to be aware of, such as whether a material causes an increased risk of cancer or other health issues down the road. This risk would be determined with experts that a toxic material attorney in New Jersey has the resources to attain. They would hire medical experts to evaluate the toxic material, to evaluate the amount of exposure that the person had to the materials, and to let them know whether that material increases the risk for certain health issues down the road.

Relation to Toxic Chemical Cases

Every case is different, and every case is going to require a different analysis and different experts. New Jersey attorneys will need liability experts and medical damages experts for toxic chemical and material exposure cases. Also, the statute of limitations is the same. It is two years from the date of the incident. Sometimes in these types of cases, a person may not realize that they have been exposed to toxic chemicals or toxic materials when first exposed, so it could be two years from the time that a person becomes aware of it.

Sometimes people do not realize that they were sitting in an office building for many years, breathing in these chemicals, and then once they find out that they have health issues and they realize where it was from, that is one way to extend that two-year statute of limitation.

Working with a New Jersey Toxic Materials Exposure Attorney

If a person thinks that they have been exposed to toxic materials or toxic chemicals, that person wants to get in touch with an experienced legal representative so that attorney can do an investigation to determine whether their client was exposed to toxic chemicals and materials and to what extent. It is also important for someone to visit a doctor if they are worried about exposure, so that that the doctor can evaluate the case, treat it, or prevent exposure down the road. It is essential to contact a skilled New Jersey toxic materials exposure lawyer to begin an investigation as soon as possible.