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New Jersey Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

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When you take a medication, you expect your health to become better rather than worse. The reality is that both prescription and non-prescription medications can be dangerous and can make their users seriously ill or even cause death. Poorly managed manufacturing, substandard regulation, or improper marketing can all lead to drug interactions that can harm you.

If you or a loved one have experienced a medication-related illness, you may need to reach out to a New Jersey dangerous drugs lawyer for a specialized look at your case. Let one of our diligent personal injury attorneys help you make the most of a civil claim against liable parties.

Identifying Liable Parties

In a dangerous drug case, there are several people or entities that may be responsible for the harm that happened. A case may involve one or more groups depending on the nature of the cause of action.

Pharmaceutical Companies

The most common at-fault party in a dangerous drug case is the company that developed the drug. Large pharmaceutical companies have a staff of lawyers and are difficult to take on without professional legal help.

Testing Laboratories

If the injury occurred because of a failure in the testing stage of the production of a drug, the testing laboratory might be considered at fault. A qualified lawyer could investigate the case to discover if steps were missed in the testing process.

Drug Distributors

Pharmacies, doctors, and hospitals may be held liable for their role in a dangerous drug case if they should have reasonably anticipated a health risk. Pharmaceutical sales representatives may have liability for misrepresenting the drugs they are selling, known as a “marketing defect.” The details of the case will determine who is responsible for the harm and who owes damages to the injured party.

Compensation Available in a Dangerous Drug Case

How much a dangerous drug case is worth depends on many factors. In cases of mild side effects that resolve in the short term, it may be difficult to prove that compensation is warranted. Additionally, if there are many people involved in the case or many injured parties, there may be a class action lawsuit that affects the amount of money gained in the suit. It is best to ask a New Jersey lawyer about these stipulations on dangerous drug cases.

Statute of Limitations in New Jersey

A dangerous drug falls under a personal injury claim, and there is a time limit for filing such a case in New Jersey. This time limit is called the statute of limitations and is different for every type of case and different in every state. It is important to reach out to a lawyer and file a case as soon as possible, as claimants generally only have two years from the date of the adverse drug reaction to make their claim in New Jersey.

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Dangerous drugs can cause mild side effects to life-changing, debilitating issues and even death. A drug case may be taking on enormous pharmaceutical companies or hospitals, and the use of a qualified attorney is imperative to help reach the best possible outcome in your case. Reach out to a New Jersey dangerous drug lawyer to review your case and provide a personalized consultation today.