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Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyer

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Car accidents are a common occurrence in the state of Pennsylvania. While some car crashes are straightforward and minor and may not result in injury, many collisions can inflict serious injuries that take weeks, months, or even years to resolve. Often, an individual could have avoided an auto accident if someone else had not acted with negligence or recklessness.

When such factors are at play, there may be a viable claim for compensation an injured party can pursue. When you have sustained injuries in an auto collision caused by a careless or otherwise negligent driver, your next call should be to a Pennsylvania car accident lawyer. A personal injury attorney could protect and preserve your rights while working to help you get every penny you deserve.

Statute of Limitations for Car Collision Claims

One of the most important rules to understand when considering a car accident claim is the statute of limitations for cases of this nature in the state. Under 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 5524, the statute of limitations for most car wreck cases is two years from when the crash occurred.

However, getting in touch with a Pennsylvania attorney who frequently handles auto collision claims is essential, as exceptions to the two-year rule can and do arise. For example, if a claimant injured in a motor vehicle crash was a minor at the time of the accident, the two-year window would typically begin once they reach 18.

Deviations from the standard statute of limitations can arise in other cases, such as auto accidents resulting in wrongful death. A legal representative could provide specific insights into the statute of limitations applicable to an individual wreck.

Collecting Compensation After a Vehicle Crash

An auto accident can inflict substantial financial losses in the form of ambulance bills, hospital fees, therapy costs, and other medical expenses. An injured individual may have to take extensive time off work to recover, resulting in a prolonged period of wage loss. These accidents can also inflict losses beyond dollar-amount damages, such as pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and mental anguish. A person could recover all such losses in a successful compensation claim.

Depending on the type of insurance policy held by an injured party, state no-fault laws may require them to go to their insurer to pay for medical bills and lost wages, even if a careless driver was responsible for the crash. It is not uncommon for the expenses resulting from a serious auto collision to exhaust these policy limits.

When a wreck involves a negligent party, pursuing a legal case for compensation may still be possible. Given the complexities of Pennsylvania’s car accident laws, it is wise to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to identify all potential opportunities to pursue an injury claim.

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A Pennsylvania car accident lawyer could provide the legal tenacity required to pursue the most optimal outcome for your case. A seasoned attorney could guide you through all phases of your legal matter while taking on the insurance company and the courts so you can move forward from your accident. Finding the right legal team to handle your legal case is imperative. Set up your confidential legal consultation with our team today.