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Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer

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A motor vehicle accident could change your life in a split second. The long-term injuries and damages that can result may leave you with tremendous financial, property, and personal losses. Truck accidents, in particular, can result in some of the most severe injuries because of the sheer size and weight of these vehicles.

The consequences can be catastrophic when a truck collides with another vehicle. When you have been severely injured in an accident of this kind and believe negligence was involved, speak with a Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer. A personal injury attorney could review the facts and determine any parties that may be legally responsible for the wreck.

Truck Accident Injuries and Damages

The extent of a motorist’s injuries in an auto accident involving a box truck or semi-truck depends on a few factors, including the speed at which the parties were traveling, as well as the direction and angle of the impact. Often, these collisions result in severe and life-changing injuries ranging from broken bones to spinal cord injuries to traumatic brain injuries to internal organ damage. Severe burns, disfigurement, and even paralysis can also happen after these types of crashes.

Even in an auto collision where someone other than the injured party is at fault, the state’s no-fault laws often mean an individual will turn to their insurance policy to pay for expenses like medical bills. Not surprisingly, commercial vehicle wreck injuries can inflict extensive financial damages beyond the injured individual’s insurance policy. When the truck driver or other party’s negligence was responsible for the crash, and serious injuries ensue, the injured individual may have a case to pursue compensation through a lawsuit. A Pennsylvania attorney could help someone harmed in a truck crash seek reimbursement for all their losses, such as lost wages, hospital bills, property damage, pain, and suffering.

Assessing Legal Fault in a Truck Collision

An assessment of legal fault is crucial to the outcome of any injury claim, and truck wrecks are no exception. Negligent acts such as reckless driving, texting while driving, distracted driving, or operating the truck under the influence of alcohol or drugs commonly cause truck collisions. However, the legal fault may be more complicated in some cases and extend beyond the actual trucker.

For example, faulty brakes or improper cargo loading could also be elements that led to the crash. As a result, other parties, such as the truck manufacturer or the truck company, could be at fault for a claimant’s injuries.

In some cases, an injured motorist’s actions contributed to the truck wreck in some way. However, this would not necessarily bar them from recovering financial compensation as long as their percentage of negligence is less than that of the other party or parties involved. An experienced Pennsylvania lawyer could carefully assess the chain of events that caused the truck collision to determine all potential sources of negligence and compensation.

Call a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Attorney

In the days and weeks following a commercial vehicle accident, you may be stunned and overwhelmed, unsure of what to do next, and simply trying to cope with your new reality. However, you should seek legal guidance immediately as the law imposes specific deadlines for filing any compensation claim. There are exceptions, but the standard statute of limitation is generally two years from the date of the crash.

A Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer could review reports from law enforcement, collect evidence, and build a case that reflects the magnitude of your injuries and losses. Our skilled legal team could zealously pursue all compensation you may be eligible to claim and the best possible results for your case. Call now to learn more about your legal options.