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Accidents happen daily in the City of Brotherly Love—an unfortunate number stem solely from a person’s reckless or careless misconduct. If a situation like this has left you struggling with medical bills, physical pain, or other financial, physical, and personal losses, taking prompt legal action against a person whose recklessness caused you harm could be vital to protecting your long-term interests.

Seeking guidance from an experienced Point Breeze personal injury lawyer could make a difference in getting a favorable resolution to your claim. Whether you end up seeking restitution through a private settlement or progressing your case to civil court, a seasoned attorney could work on your behalf to enforce your rights and demand every cent of the compensation you deserve.

Possible Grounds for Personal Injury Litigation

All manner of different mistakes, errors, and traumatic experiences could lead to someone suffering an avoidable injury, including but not limited to:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Collisions between cars and bicyclists or pedestrians
  • Slipping or tripping accidents
  • Unreasonably dangerous property conditions
  • Malpractice by a healthcare provider
  • Dangerous consumer goods

These incidents and all others that could justify civil lawsuits include a violation of a duty to act responsibly, which directly injured someone. This legal principle of negligence is how people who cause harm inadvertently rather than intentionally could be held financially responsible for the repercussions of that carelessness.

However, behaviors that constitute legally actionable negligence could vary depending on the specific duty owed under the circumstances, the people involved, and the severity of injuries caused. A conversation with a knowledgeable attorney in Point Breeze could clarify the legal elements of personal injury claims and how they might work in specific scenarios.

How State Law Could Impact Civil Recovery

Even if an injured person could establish negligence by someone else involved in their accident, they may be limited in how much total compensation they could obtain for their damages by their comparative negligence. According to 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes §7102, any person found to bear a percentage of total blame for causing or worsening their injury through recklessness of their own might receive a proportional reduction to their final damage award. Any person bearing more than 50 percent of the total fault is ineligible to recover anything.

Additionally, 42 P.S.A. §5524 sets a filing deadline of two years after an accident for most injured individuals to file suit against an at-fault party. Failing to start the litigation process before this deadline almost always leaves an injured person barred from ever seeking restitution for that particular incident. A skilled lawyer in Point Breeze could help file a personal injury claim within these legal requirements.

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Personal injury litigation is rarely simple, particularly if you have no experience with similar cases in the past. For that reason and many others, hiring a seasoned legal professional after being hurt in an accident could be essential to preserving your future.

A Point Breeze personal injury lawyer could discuss your situation and offer guidance about your recovery options during a private consultation. Call our team today to schedule yours.