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A quick moment in time is all that is necessary to change your life forever. Even at low speeds, car collisions have the potential to inflict severe physical injuries, jeopardize your ability to earn a living, or lower your quality of life. A basic legal concept indicates that drivers who are responsible for wrecks must provide compensation to all affected parties. Still, the burden falls on you to prove this fault and demonstrate how an incident has impacted your life.

A South Philadelphia car accident lawyer could help you prove both elements necessary in a suit. Working by your side, a personal injury attorney could take steps to protect your rights after a crash and seek out the compensation you deserve.

Demonstrating Fault After a Car Collision

The law says that every motor vehicle collision is someone’s fault. An injured person’s priority when demanding compensation is proving that another driver was responsible for a crash.

Unfortunately, this element is not always simple to prove. According to Pennsylvania General Assembly Statute § 7102, courts in the state use the concept of modified comparative negligence to attribute blame for an accident. This means a court will evaluate the actions of all people involved in a wreck and assign fault accordingly. It also means a court must reduce an injured person’s award by the percentage of the blame assigned to them. If this percentage is more than 50 percent, a court will dismiss the case, making it crucial to prove another driver was solely to blame for a crash.

A vehicle collision attorney in South Philadelphia could take the lead in this process. This includes gathering all relevant evidence concerning a crash, placing that evidence within the applicable legal framework, and disputing any allegations that an injured individual contributed to a wreck.

How an Attorney Could Help with a Car Crash Claim

The time following an auto collision is essential to a person’s health and legal rights. Obtaining medical care and making a full recovery is always the most important. Unfortunately, insurance companies will ask for an official statement and attempt to limit their liability immediately after a wreck.

The goal of a lawyer in South Philadelphia is to protect an individual’s legal rights while they work toward their best recovery after a car crash. This includes gathering the medical information and evidence from a collision necessary to pursue a case that demands appropriate compensation. A dedicated legal team will protect people from aggressive insurance companies and take care of all paperwork. In the rare event a case goes to court, legal representation could explain the rules of the court and represent your interests.

A knowledgeable attorney could ensure a case proceeds on time. Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, Title 42 § 5524 is the state’s statute of limitations. In short, it says that a person generally has only two years from the date of a car wreck to seek compensation. However, many factors in a case may lengthen or shorten this time limit. Hiring a legal representative as quickly as possible gives an individual the best chance to meet this deadline.

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Car accidents can be devastating events that have the potential to change every part of your life. If another driver caused a collision, they have an obligation to provide fair compensation that allows you to make your best recovery. Still, proving this concept is always your responsibility.

Let a South Philadelphia car accident lawyer take the lead in protecting your legal rights. Our legal team could obtain evidence concerning the crash, evaluate how the incident has affected your life, and demand fair payments in and out of court. Call our firm today to learn more.