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Technology Advocacy

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Grungo Law combine the latest technology with timeless techniques to tell our client’s story[1]. We use innovative strategies to maximize impact and obtain the best results:

  • Medical Animations

We create compelling and cutting edge medical animations to tell our client’s story by providing realistic views of anatomy from multiple angles, following the progression of a condition over time, or conveying the drama of a surgical procedure, or mechanism of injury.

  • Accident Reconstruction

We reconstruct our client’s story by combining the laws of physics and other engineering principles with graphics and animation.

  • Medical Illustrations

We create simple and accurate medical illustrations to help others understand the severity of an injury or explain the complexities of a surgical procedure in an easy to understand format.

  • Multimedia

We simplify the case, highlight important evidence, and teach complicated issues with the use of multimedia technology in both depositions and trials.

  • Mock Jury and Focus Groups

We explore the strength and weakness of our client’s case with Mock Jury and Focus Groups to provide a virtual insight into how jury-eligble persons will react to our client’s story.

  • Video Documentaries

We tell our clients story like no other, using a professional production team we produce a documentary to communicate why opposing counsel and insurance representatives should settle.

  • Day In Life Videos

We tell the story of what our client is living through and how it impacts their families and friends with a day in the life video so opposing counsel and the insurance company see exactly what our client is experiencing.



[1] Each case is unique, and Grungo Law determines what, if any, technology to be used on a case by case basis. This list provides examples of the technology we have used on specific cases but is not a guarantee that some or any of this technology will be used on a case. For more information or to discuss your personal injury matter, contact South Jersey personal injury lawyers at Grungo Law at(856) 528-4494 or contact us online.