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New Jersey Employment Law

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The attorneys at Grungo Law are dedicated to advocating aggressively for employee rights in New Jersey. Whether it’s a sexual harassment case in a New Jersey office or a wrongful termination case in a manufacturing plant, both state and federal laws protect the rights of employees who live and work in New Jersey. At Grungo Law, we are ready to take on even the most powerful employers in the state to ensure that every worker is treated with respect and dignity in a safe, non-hostile working environment while they earn fair wages. When New Jersey clients come to us with legal problems related to the state’s employment law, we do everything we can to defend their rights and their best interests while keeping open lines of communication throughout the process. Call our New Jersey Employment Law office today, so your voice can be heard.

New Jersey’s Employment Laws and Protection

While historically, powerful employers often exploited their workers with low pay and long hours in dangerous workplace environments, the state of New Jersey has put many significant laws in place to protect today’s workers. Employment laws in New Jersey help to ensure every employee receives fair treatment in comfortable work environments that are free from harassment and discrimination. New Jersey’s employee protections include:

  • A minimum wage law
  • Overtime payment laws
  • Equal pay rights
  • Anti-discrimination hiring laws
  • Whistleblower protection laws
  • Sexual harassment protection
  • Racial harassment protection
  • Anti-retaliation laws
  • Wrongful termination protection
  • Protections for unpaid maternity leave and sick leave
  • 60-day mandatory warning of upcoming layoffs or business closings

The state adds many safeguards for employees in addition to the federal protections put in place in the 1960s Civil Rights Act. Sadly, some employers still prioritize profits over fair employee practices, leading to violations of these laws. At the firm of Grungo Law in New Jersey, our South Jersey employment law attorneys vigorously defend our clients when an employer violates these rights and protections.

What Can a New Jersey Employment Lawyer Do For My Case?

Some employers take unfair advantage of their employees and violate employment laws such as asking employees to work off the clock to avoid overtime payments or failing to address sexual harassment allegations. Employees in New Jersey deserve safe, non-hostile working environments and fair wages for their labor, including appropriate overtime pay. If your employer has violated your rights and protections under New Jersey employment law, you deserve a dedicated attorney with a track record of success against the most powerful employers in the state to help you gain the compensation you deserve.

Why Choose Us for Your New Jersey Employment Law Case?

The attorneys at Grungo Law passionately defend the rights of our clients who may feel distressed about taking on an employer and risking their livelihoods. We understand the anxiety caused by work environments that are hostile or employers who don’t pay fair wages for your labor. We take on all forms of employment law violations, both the straightforward cases of unpaid overtime or failure to pay the required minimum wage, and the more challenging and nuanced cases of sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and workplace discrimination. We will craft the most compelling case for your compensation through an out-of-court settlement while we also prepare for the possibility of litigating the matter in court to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Call our New Jersey employment law office today so we can hear the details of your unique case and get to work on a winning strategy to recover your damages.