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New Jersey Workplace Harassment

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New Jersey’s employment laws seek to protect workers from both economic injustices and hostile work environments. Every New Jersey employee deserves a workplace that’s free of harassment and discrimination. Not only does the state provide workplace protections, but the federal government’s Civil Rights Act of 1964 also prohibits workplace harassment, including race-based harassment and sexual harassment since both of these negative practices create a hostile work environment. New Jersey employees have a right to protection from conditions that create or sustain a hostile work environment.

Grungo Law is a firm that’s dedicated to preserving workers’ rights even against powerful employers. No one should have to have their ability to provide for their family placed in jeopardy due to workplace harassment. If you’ve experienced sexual or racial harassment in the workplace, you deserve compensation without fear of retaliatory measures or job loss. Call or contact our New Jersey workplace harassment lawyers today for a free case evaluation. Don’t let your voice go unheard.

What Is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Gender-based harassment can make a workplace intolerable for an employee, leading to great distress and often to financial loss. Further, a victim of this type of harassment may face retaliatory measures from offenders and managers at work that make coming forward with complaints a difficult decision. Examples of sexual harassment are not limited to unwanted physical touch but can include any of the following behaviors in the workplace:

  • Visual contact with leering, staring, or gesturing
  • Generalized gender-based comments and remarks
  • Unwanted physical touching including grabbing, patting, pinching, brushing closely against another’s body more often than can be accidental, and blocking or impeding movement
  • Displaying sexually inappropriate images or objects including calendars, posters, screensavers, or magazine pages
  • Explicitly or implicitly asking for sexual favors in exchange for workplace advancement, pay increases, or other favorable compensation
  • Implying that turning down sexual or romantic overtures will result in unfavorable career or workplace consequences
  • The continuation of romantic or sexual overtures toward a coworker or employee after they’ve declined and/or raised objections
  • Engaging in inappropriate sexual jokes and innuendo

All of these workplace behaviors constitute sexual harassment and no employee of either gender should have to tolerate this type of hostile, unsafe work environment.

Understanding Racial Harassment at Work

Harassment in the workplace isn’t always sexual in nature. Harassment may also be race-based. If an employer or coworkers create a hostile work environment because you are a member of another race, the state of New Jersey prohibits these actions. Examples could include:

  • Using derogatory racial slurs
  • Displaying racist symbols
  • Making racial jokes
  • Comments that use race-based stereotypes
  • Denying you career advancement opportunities due to your race

In some instances, racial harassment can be more subtle, such as unfairly criticizing your work performance or denying you opportunities and advancements offered to other employees of equal standing and experience. Subtle race-based harassment may be more difficult to prove and requires an experienced attorney.

Employer Obligations Regarding Harassment in the Workplace

Workplace harassment may occur between an employee and their business owner or manager, or between coworkers. An employer has a legal obligation to put policies in place to prevent harassment and to thoroughly investigate and appropriately address an employee’s claims of sexual or racial harassment—typically through a neutral entity such as a human resources representative. If they fail in these duties, they may be liable in a lawsuit.

Why Choose Grungo Law for Your New Jersey Workplace Harassment Lawsuit

Our talented team of attorneys passionately believes in advocating for every employee’s right to a safe, comfortable work environment where they are treated with respect and dignity. Our highly skilled employment lawyers understand how to protect your rights and are willing to take on even large, powerful employers to gain the maximum settlement or court award for your damages when an employer violates them. Contact our New Jersey employment law team today so we can begin working on your case to make sure your voice is heard.