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Types of Nursing Home Abuse in New Jersey

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We live in a society that values our elderly citizens, yet sadly, nursing home abuse and neglect are more common occurrences than one may think. There are four general categories that appear repeatedly when it comes to abuse of the elderly. Being aware of the common signs of nursing home abuse is crucial. Should you believe a loved one may have been a victim of nursing home abuse, contacting a New Jersey nursing home abuse lawyer is imperative to protect your loved ones.

Forms of elder abuse normally fall into the following categories: physical, emotional, financial, and sexual. Some signs may be more obvious while others more subtle. Our New Jersey nursing home neglect lawyers are experienced and well-versed in detecting forms of nursing home abuse and seek to rectify the unjust behavior being perpetrated.

Physical Abuse

The most obvious type of abuse in a nursing home is physical abuse. The appearance of bruises, bed sores, or cuts are all apparent signs that a loved one has not received the proper standard of care. Pay close attention when visiting loved ones for indications of physical nursing home abuse.

Emotional Abuse

Because many elders are affected by confusion or dementia it is more difficult to determine emotional abuse. Often seniors complain of being shouted at or being spoken to in a threatening tone by staff, leading to mockery and humiliation. Even more harmful is when a resident is housed in seclusion. It is essential to talk to your loved one, nursing supervisors, and their physician if you suspect they have experienced emotional nursing home abuse.

Financial Abuse

Inherently, nursing home staffs have power over residents as they are reliant on them for their everyday needs and care. Financial abuse occurs when unscrupulous staff attempts to extort money, help themselves to credit cards, or steal cash that may be available. Do not leave cash or credit cards with loved ones while in a nursing facility. Those who sign documents on a resident’s behalf should be especially vigilant and talk with our  lawyers in New Jersey to seek compensation for financial nursing home abuse.

Sexual Abuse

Finally, be aware of sexual abuse. Staff members or family members may be perpetrators of nursing home sexual abuse. Listen to your loved one if they convey someone is saying or doing something inappropriate. Call our team to discuss types of nursing home abuse in New Jersey.