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Property owners and occupiers have a legal responsibility to inspect their property regularly and fix defects that could cause harm to visitors entering the premises. Guests invited onto a property have every right to expect the area to be safe and hazard-free, whether visiting a shop, grocery store, office building, or personal property.

You could be eligible to collect compensation when a property defect caused you or someone you love to suffer injuries. Schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer to learn more. A personal injury attorney could guide you through this process.

The Most Common Slip and Fall Case Causes

Some of the most common slip, trip, and fall case causes include the following:

  • Faulty stairs or handrails
  • Ice or snow buildup in parking lots or on sidewalks
  • Poor lighting
  • Uneven floors or sidewalks
  • Loose cables or wires
  • Parking lot potholes

Tripping accidents can leave an individual with severe injuries and disabilities. That is especially true for the elderly. Some of the common injuries include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and severe back and spinal cord injuries. A slip and fall lawyer in Pennsylvania could investigate to review the evidence needed to build a solid claim for damages.

Proving Negligence in Slip and Fall Cases

Specific elements must be present to recover damages after a slip and fall accident. Proving negligence in trip and fall cases requires the claim to show the following:

  • There was a defective and hazardous condition on the property
  • The owner or occupier knew or should have known of the property’s dangerous condition
  • The person responsible for the property had time to repair or warn visitors of foreseeable risks but did not take action
  • The visitor sustained verifiable damages because of the property owner’s negligence

An attorney in Pennsylvania could review the slip and fall accident details and help determine if the case includes the components necessary to prove fault.

Liability of Owner to People Injured on a Premises

Premises liability laws protect people after suffering injuries and losses on a property because of the property owner’s negligence. Under Pennsylvania law, the owner is liable for damages when visitors suffer harm because they failed to warn them about a property defect. Landowners owe guests they invite onto the property a legal duty of care to keep the property safe or ensure they warn them of the unsafe condition and potential risks.

The Statute of Limitations in Tripping Cases

After an accident on someone else’s property, the claimant must start legal action before the statute of limitation expires. It is the court-enforced time limit on the length of time a person has to file a lawsuit in injury cases.

Under the 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 5524, the time limit for filing a claim in tripping cases is generally two years. However, every situation is unique, and many factors could extend or shorten the time frame. Missing the deadline could mean losing eligibility for recovering compensation from the at-fault party. A lawyer in Pennsylvania could ensure a slip and fall claim is filed before this deadline.

Meet With an Experienced Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and fall accidents are common, and usually, the person does not suffer severe damage. However, if you slipped and fell on someone else’s property because of a hazardous condition, civil laws could entitle you to collect a settlement for damages from the property owner.

A claim could allow you to hold the at-fault property owner financially accountable and cover your injuries and losses. Call a hard-working Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer today to begin preparing your case.

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