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Bicycle Accident Injuries in Camden County

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Common injuries in bicycle accidents include traumatic brain injuries, permanent scarring, broken bones, and road rash. Aspects of a bicycle accident that could aggravate injuries include not wearing a helmet, not wearing protective clothing that could protect against road rash, and not paying attention to the roadway. Those who sustain bicycle accident injuries in Camden County should consult a local legal professional to learn about what options for recovery may be available to them. It is important to hold responsible parties accountable to maintain safe roads for all kinds of drivers and riders.

Severe Head Trauma

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) results from a violent blow to the head. If someone’s head sustains a sudden impact, he or she could be left with severe head trauma in addition to other common bicycle accident injuries in Camden County. TBIs have long-term, permanent effects that can be physical and mental.

It is advisable to get checked out for a concussion after a bicycle accident. A doctor would monitor an injured cyclist’s pupils, ask him or her to stay awake for a certain period of time, and make sure they are not feeling nauseous. Any sign of concussion could indicate a traumatic brain injury.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are a likely bicycle accident injury in Camden County because bicyclists are completely exposed to the impact of a motor vehicle. When they are hit by a car, there is nothing protecting them, so the force could break a bone. Being knocked off of a bike and hitting the ground could also cause someone to fracture a bone. If he or she is riding their bike and hits something like a tree or a pothole, they could break a bone if they landed the wrong way after falling off. His or her foot could get stuck under something, which could break their leg. The biggest issue is that a cyclist is completely vulnerable when he or she is on their bike.

Many bikers who fracture their bones have to undergo reconstructive surgery, as those injuries may not heal on their own if they are severe enough. However, it is possible that an injured cyclist could end up with pain for the rest of his or her life.

Bicycle Collision Injuries in Camden County

Because bike riders are so vulnerable in an accident, they almost always receive serious injuries such as skin damage from road rash, disfigurement from broken bones, and mental or physical disabilities from a traumatic brain injury. Bicycle accident injuries in Camden County can be so severe because cyclists have no protection from the impact of a car. For this reason, it is advisable to seek legal counsel from a dedicated attorney who is familiar with bicycle accidents in the area. A legal representative could advocate for your rights in court and work to obtain the maximum available compensation on your behalf. Do not hesitate to get started on your case, call our firm today to schedule an initial consultation.