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Being involved in a car accident can be a terrifying and expensive experience. If you or your loved one have been injured in a motor vehicle collision in New Jersey due to the fault of another driver, one of our experienced Camden County injury attorneys can help you navigate this difficult process and seek the compensation you deserve. En Español.

Car Accidents Statistics In New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Transportation tracks its motor vehicle crash occurrence rate based on crashes per million vehicle miles traveled.

In 2014, the crash rate per million vehicle miles traveled ranged from 1.77 to as high as 6.14 in New Jersey, based on the number of lanes present on the roadways and whether there was a median or shoulder available to the vehicles at the time of the collision.

Camden County crash rates have been decreasing slowly in the past two decades, but there are still nearly 15,000 motor vehicle crashes in the county each year, with 40 reported fatalities in 2014, and nearly 3500 injuries related to car accidents in Camden County.

If you or a loved one were hurt in a car accident in Camden County, it likely does not matter to you effectively the county has worked to reduce crash rates when you are struggling with the direct effect of injuries and financial losses related to a collision, but a lawyer can help.

How To Negotiate With Insurance Companies In Camden County

A Camden County car accident attorney can speak with the insurer and negotiate on the injured party’s behalf with the other driver’s insurance agents.

The right attorney will have experience investigating car accidents, including working with police investigators, obtaining police reports and witness statements, evaluating evidence from the collision scene, hiring expert engineers to reconstruct the accident, and looking into the other driver’s history and record. Often, people who do not practice personal injury law do not interact with insurance adjusters and will be at a disadvantage when approaching negotiations.

What Are Your Rights Following a Camden County Car Accident?

It is also important to begin working with experienced car accident or truck accident lawyers in Camden County right away so that the individual does not inadvertently say or do anything to jeopardize their personal injury case. A person can advise an individual as to how best to protect their interests and preserve their potential claim when speaking with police investigators, witnesses, and the other driver.

What To Do After A Car Accident In Camden County?

The first thing someone should do after a car accident, most importantly, is to get the right medical treatment. If it is an emergency, someone should call 911 but make sure that whoever else that is involved in a car accident gets the right medical treatment as well. Immediately after getting the right medical treatment, they need to start worrying about protecting themselves with respect to who is going to pay for their medical bills, who is going to compensate them for any lost time from work, and who is going to make sure whatever rights they have under their insurance policy are protected and whatever sort of benefits they have are protected in order for them to receive those damages.

Immediately after a car accident in Camden County, people should get the right medical care. Once they get the right medical care, they should contact a Camden County auto accident attorney with experience in personal injury to protect their rights. The important thing for somebody to remember is immediately after a car accident, they are going to start receiving calls and letters from various insurance companies. They need to be very careful about what steps they take and what documents they sign. After they get the right medical care, they need to find the right attorney. If there was a death in the accident, speak to a Camden County wrongful death lawyer. 

Contact A Camden County Car Accident Attorney

Working with a Camden County car accident lawyer can make a major difference in a person’s case because they have the experience and the resources to make sure that each client gets the best result possible. They understand how a claim will proceed. Attorneys have the ability to make sure all pieces of a claim are put together so that an injured person’s story is told.

The next thing they will be able to do is to make sure that the person understands their rights with respect to insurance coverage, the type of medical care they are entitled to, and the type of rights they have against somebody who has injured them. The last thing a Camden County car accident attorney will do is investigate what happened and who is responsible. Then ultimately, what they are able to do on behalf of their client is help them first to file to claim with an insurance company and then pursue if necessary to file a formal complaint to protect people’s rights in pursue of recovery. Working with the Camden County accident lawyer following a car accident can make a major difference in a person’s case.