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First Steps to Take After a Truck Accident in Camden County 

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If you are injured in an accident with a truck, there are first steps to take after a truck accident in Camden County in order to preserve your ability to file a claim for damages against the truck driver or trucking company. While the stress of an accident can make it challenging to remember what to do, by taking these necessary actions, a capable truck accident attorney could help you take these necessary actions so you could have the best chance to recover fair compensation for your losses.

Ensure Scene Safety

One of the first steps to take after a truck accident in Camden County is to check for injuries and call 911 to report the accident, so those who need medical attention can get it. To avoid further risk of injury, drivers and passengers should remain in their vehicles until the police arrive. If a car is blocking traffic or is creating a safety hazard for other drivers, the driver should move it, if possible, to a safer location. However, it is important that no one leaves the scene of the accident.

Exchange Information

All drivers involved in an accident with a truck should take down the names, contact information, license plate numbers, and insurance plan details from everyone involved. It is also important to get the names, numbers, and addresses of any passengers in the vehicles. While communicating with the motorists at the scene, it is helpful to be polite but not make any apologies or excuses for what happened.

Document the Accident

Motorists should get the names and contact information of any witnesses to their accident. If possible, a driver should take pictures of the scene that capture the damage to the vehicles and other property, skid marks, objects like debris from the accident, and factors that may have contributed to the accident such as obscured traffic signs.

Finally, it may be helpful to complete an accident report form in as much detail as possible, including information about the weather and traffic at the time, what occurred, and a description of any injuries and damage. It is also helpful to keep a personal copy of this report.

Call the Insurance Company

An insured accident victim should report the truck accident to their insurance company promptly, answer all their questions truthfully, and follow the steps the insurer’s representative provides to initiate the claims process as quickly as possible. If another driver’s insurance company calls, it is best to limit the conversation to vehicle damage and its location. If they ask about the facts of the accident, it is generally best for accident victims to put them in touch with their insurance company or lawyer.

Seek Medical Attention

Anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident who experiences injuries should seek medical evaluation and treatment. It is crucial that drivers keep records of all medical professionals seen and the care provided, as well as to maintain receipts for expenses, such as hospital and doctor’s office bills, medications, and other out-of-pocket costs. If an injured driver or passenger misses work, documentation of lost wages should also be captured, in addition to any other routine daily activities that are missed because of the accident’s effects.

Consulting a Camden County Truck Accident Attorney

Following these five steps could help improve your chances at receiving adequate compensation for your injuries and damage to your property. For assistance with maximizing your recovery following a crash with a truck, an experienced Camden County attorney specializing in truck accidents could help. Work with a capable attorney that could inform you of what first steps to take after a truck accident in Camden County.