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Mistakes to Avoid in Camden County Workers’ Compensation Claims

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One of the biggest mistakes to avoid in Camden County workers’ compensation claims is failing to report an accident immediately. While there is not a specific requirement for immediately reporting work-related injuries, it is advisable to do so. Many injured employees assume that they will be fine after taking some aspirin and getting a good night’s sleep.

However, if a worker starts hurting again and tries to report an incident after the fact, his or her employer is likely to question why he or she did not tell them about it when it happened. If he or she does not report it right away, it creates doubt in the minds of his or her employer and the insurance company as to whether or not the accident really happened during the course and scope of his or her employment. The safest thing to do is report any work accidents immediately or as soon as possible after they happen.

Common Reasons for Failing to Report

May people neglect to report work-related injuries because they love their jobs and do not want to risk losing them. Employees may also hesitate to report an incident in order to avoid blame or retaliation from their bosses. However, business owners pay insurance premiums to cover work accidents, so they would want to know about any disabling conditions their employees suffer while performing job tasks. You should not be afraid to report an injury as long as it is legitimate and happened on the job.

Additionally, whether a person causes his or her own accident, his or her coworker is to blame, or his or her boss is responsible does not matter in workers’ compensation claims. As long as your incident happened while you were in the course and scope of your employment, you have a valid claim for benefits.

Furthermore, it is illegal for a business owner to fire an employee or subject him or her to adverse treatment for reporting an injury he or she sustained on the job. If an individual reports a work-related injury right away, there is very little doubt that it actually happened. Reporting work incidents as soon as they happen can help a claimant avoid simple mistakes in Camden County workers’ compensation claims.

Dishonest Reporting

An employee who is hurt on the job should never exaggerate or minimize the scope of his or her injuries. He or she should just tell the truth about his or her condition so a workers’ comp authorized doctor can accurately assess his or her injuries. It is not the responsibility of a claimant to make decisions about the extent of his or her medical conditions.

Let an Attorney Help You Avoid Mistakes in Camden County Workers’ Compensation Claims

A skilled lawyer could help you obtain workers’ comp benefits. The claims process can be complex with little room for error, so it is best to seek professional guidance from a seasoned attorney who is familiar with the mistakes to avoid in Camden County workers’ compensation claims. Get in touch with our firm today to discuss the details of your case.