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Camden Pedestrian Accident Investigation

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After being injured in a pedestrian accident in which the driver leaves the scene, the individual should contact the police before the Camden pedestrian accident investigation begins. If they are able to, while the driver is still there, they should try to get their license plate number and a description of the vehicle and then provide that to a police officer. A lot of times, the police officers are able to do a search and locate that driver and that vehicle rather quickly.

If they are unable to get any information on that driver, they still want to contact the police to document it and a distinguished pedestrian accident lawyer who has experienced handling these types of matters. A Camden pedestrian accident attorney understands that the individual still has rights under the law to pursue certain claims for what is called uninsured motorist driver. A Camden pedestrian accident investigation will be treated as a hit and run. A person could still go through their own auto insurance policy in an attempt to get their medical bills paid and compensation for lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Benefits of Police Investigations

Police officers are there to try to assist them and help them do an investigation to determine who is at fault and if they need to locate this driver, they can. Talking to the officers first and foremost at the scene only means that they can do their job and do an investigation and document a report. However, a person should not speak to any insurance companies without first consulting with an attorney.

The role of the police in Camden pedestrian accident investigations can be helpful in several ways. All the information is gathered by the police officer. Everything is put into a report and that includes not only what happened but it also includes the insurance information for the driver and the insurance information for the vehicle and it documents any unique circumstances, such as if the driver was drunk, was speeding, or was on a cell phone.

The police officers are going to do this investigation and this is what they do on a daily basis. They are used to doing this and they will put everything into a report that helps later on down the road. When attempting to prove the case and gather information, a lot of times, the police officer has already done the majority of that.

Important Evidence

Any photographs not only of the scene but also of the initial injuries can be considered vital to a Camden pedestrian accident investigation. Evidence could be something like if there is bruising or if there are lacerations to show the severity of the incident. There is also evidence involved with regards to how the incident occurred. Sometimes, there is a pedestrian accident where the driver of the vehicle may not accept responsibility for the happening of the accident and it is important to gather evidence such as photographs and different parts of the scene to able to show who is at fault.

Photographs of the scene are very important. Property damage to the vehicles, which can show the speed of the driver. A person will want to look for whether there are any tire marks on the road from the driver attempting to stop and things like that, which can help prove that this driver was speeding or not paying attention.

Filing with an Attorney

Every case is unique but there are several things that can be done to help expedite and ease the investigation. The sooner an accident attorney gets involved in a pedestrian accident, the better because it allows the preservation of evidence as soon as possible. Every case is unique but there are certain things to document, such as photographs. Ideally for Camden pedestrian accident investigations, the scene will be unchanged so if there was an issue on liability, it will allow the attorney and client to revisit the scene, take the photographs, and document the scene as it was on the day of the incident as opposed to maybe a year or two later and things have changed that scene.

It is important to preserve the seen for getting the insurance company on notice of what is going on, allowing them to secure evidence and make sure that they did not destroy anything. Then in certain circumstances, there may be surveillance footage of what happened. If it is near a store or if there is a camera on a commercial bus or something along those lines, the lawyer will want to make sure that evidence is being preserved as well. The sooner that a personal injury attorney gets involved, the better.

Insurance Companies

The recommendation is that the injured pedestrian should never discuss anything with the other person’s insurance company. An experienced personal injury lawyer will handle that because what will happen is if a pedestrian contacts the other party’s insurance company, they are going to attempt to take recorded statements, they are going to attempt to get documents signed, and if someone does not have any experience in handling these types of things, they can do things that are going to hurt them down the road. These insurance companies will attempt to lock a person into a recorded statement that cannot be changed and can be used against them for the life of the case.