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Distracted driving is an increasingly common cause of automobile accidents and personal injury claims. If you or someone close to you were injured by the negligence of a distracted driver, a Camden County distracted driving lawyer can be on your side. They know the issues and challenges presented by distracted driving cases. Skilled car accident attorneys can guide you through the opening challenges of your case all the way to its successful conclusion.

Differences Between Distracted Driving and Other Personal Injury Cases

Distracted driving cases are different than other personal injury claims. A driver has to have committed certain defined acts listed in the New Jersey statute for it to be called distracted driving.

These acts are:

  • Texting while driving
  • Operating the keys on a mobile telephone while driving
  • Speaking on a cell phone without a hands-free headset while driving
  • Other narrow circumstances that fall within the scope of the Distracted Driving statute

Challenges of a Distracted Driving Claim

Drivers who cause an accident because of inattention or distracted driving often deny that they are at fault, and often claim someone else’s negligence caused the accident.  Distracted driving negligence can also be difficult to prove because it is rare to find witnesses who can say they saw the other driver texting or talking on their cell phone just prior to the accident.

What Causes Severe Injury in Distracted Accidents?

Camden County distracted driving lawyers have seen these collisions cause more severe and serious injuries than normal car accidents.

Distracted drivers can be guilty of:

  • Running red lights or stop signs at intersections, then colliding with cross traffic at high speeds, where the angle of impact often causing rollover crashes
  • Crossing over center divider lines and causing head-on collisions, where the combined highway speed of both vehicles at impact can exceed 140 miles per hour
  • Wandering off the roadway at high speeds and crashing into guard rails, bridge support poles, and other solid obstacles

Following an Injury

Innocent victims of distracted driving deserve full and just compensation for their injuries. For this reason, an attorney usually begins with a fast and complete examination of fault. Camden County distracted driving lawyers can investigate the scene of the accident and gather evidence.

The location, length, and direction of skid marks can prove speeds and directions of travel of the vehicle at fault. This and other evidence can be used to reconstruct how the accident occurred.

Personal injuries need to be documented and treated promptly. A Camden County distracted driver lawyer should urge an individual to seek and receive medical treatment for their injuries as soon as possible. Lawyers can collect all necessary medical records, medical reports, and treatment billings.

Role of an Attorney

Once the attorney has a complete record, a Camden County distracted driving lawyer can carefully review your injuries, the treatment that was given, the cost of the treatment, and your short and long-term prognosis.

With this information, attorneys can understand the extent of your injuries and can logically and thoroughly reach a settlement value for your claim.  If the distracted driver caused the death of someone in the accident, an attorney can follow a similar process of information gathering, and focus on the economic loss to the family of the person who passed away from the accident.

The complex issues around a distracted driving personal injury case are easier to manage with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in Camden County. Contact a lawyer that can fight to win your case.