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Workers’ Compensation Claims in Camden County

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As defined by state law, workers’ compensation entitles anyone who is injured within the course of their employment to certain benefits. With limited exceptions, injured employees are barred from bringing civil claims against their employers. Instead, they can file workers’ compensation claims in Camden County with the help and guidance of a knowledgeable attorney.

Workers’ Comp Versus Civil Litigation

Those who file workers’ compensation claims in Camden County are not suing their employers or any co-employees who may have contributed to their injuries. They are simply making a claim for benefits.

The only requirement associated with workers’ compensation is that the disabling condition or the accident in question must have occurred while the petitioner was in the course and scope of employment. Other lawsuits involving car crashes or slip and fall accidents, for example, entail the pursuit of legal action against an at-fault party who is responsible for causing the incident.

Qualifying Conditions for Workers’ Compensation in Camden County

Some of the most common conditions that qualify for workers’ compensation in Camden County are orthopedic injuries. For instance, someone who lifts heavy objects on a regular basis as part of his or her job duties may sprain his or her back, neck, arms, legs, or knees. A lot of work-related injuries occur from simple things like bending too much or falling from great heights. Head injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments, and damaged cartilage are also commonly cited in workers’ compensation claims in Camden County.

Common Causes of Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic injuries commonly result from medium- and heavy-duty jobs which involve a lot of physical activity. For example, laborers, carpenters, and painters are especially likely to sustain injuries on the job, and there are few workers’ compensation claims from those who work at a desk. Additionally, middle to low income jobs are usually more physically demanding than others.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

A person who sustains a work-related injury within the course scope of employment can receive benefits. The insurance company would cover any medical expenses following a work incident as well as provide weekly checks if a workers’-comp authorized physician says the injured claimant is unable to work.

Additionally, if a work-related injury becomes permanent, the employee would be entitled to receive additional permanency benefits. These benefits may only be awarded at the end of a case after the patient has reached what doctors call maximum medical improvement, meaning that there is no more treatment that will improve the injured worker’s’ medical condition.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More about Workers’ Compensation Claims in Camden County

A person seeking workers’ compensation benefits should contact a local attorney who is familiar with how the system works as well as the procedures to follow to get the benefits they are entitled to. It is permissible for an injured worker to pursue workers’ compensation claims in Camden County on their own, but he or she would be putting themselves at a great disadvantage. It is best to seek the advice of qualified attorney, so call today to learn more.