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Negotiating a Camden County Car Insurance Settlement

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If a person is going to negotiate a car insurance settlement on their own, they need to first understand their insurance coverage. They need to understand what medical bills are covered, what types of lost wages are covered, and what types of out-of-pocket expenses are covered. Once they understand their own insurance coverage, then they need to understand the full scope of their damages—what medical bills are going to be paid, whether or not there is any lien on the medical bills that they have paid and any other potential damages that may be applicable to the situation.

This includes accounting for their future damages. When negotiating a claim, a Camden County car accident lawyer can help someone to look at how their life has been impacted, and they can help them to streamline the negotiation process while looking out for their best interest.

Process of Negotiation

When negotiating with an insurance company in Camden County, the first step is to gather complete information regarding the accident itself, the injuries sustained, and the damages that come from that injury. That information would include police reports, witness statements, photographs, medical records, medical bills, and other types of information regarding medical reports. That information is then provided to the insurance company with a demand for a specific amount of money that a plaintiff is asking for to settle the case.

The insurance company would respond to that demand by either rejecting any responsibility for the accident or responding with a counter. That counter would probably be or could be a different number or much lower number than the demand. Then a negotiation would take place, and what someone needs to understand is, depending on the type of accident and the type of damages, what a reasonable value is for that injury is something that comes with the experience of dealing with many cases over a period of time.

Estimating Damages

Most people need to be careful, if they are negotiating themselves, that they have a good understanding of the fair value of their damages. If someone is dealing with negotiation without the help of attorney they need to estimate their damages very carefully. They need to have a complete understanding of the type of insurance coverage that they have, what types of medical bills are going to be paid, and whether or not there is any type of lien or need to pay back any medical bills that have been paid. They need to consider whether there is any sort of insurance for their lost wages and whether they have a right to make other claims for lost wages—whether it be for a disability policy, a disability funding with the federal government, or a workers’ compensation plan or coverage.

To estimate their damages, they need to understand the complete scope of their economic damages and then they also need to understand the scope of their non-economic damages, and non-economic damages would include their physical and emotional damages. That would be their pain, suffering, disability, impairment, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life. Those are the types of damages that there is no formula for but it is something that is determined on a case-by-case basis and a comparison to other types of recoveries made in Camden County.

Demand Letter

When negotiating a car insurance settlement in Camden County, a person should include in their demand letter evidence that supports the responsibility of the other party and the negligence of the party, as well as documents that support every element of the damage they are claiming. If they are claiming lost wage damages, then they need proof of their wages, whether it be through paystubs or tax returns. If they are claiming a need for future medical bills to be paid, they need to provide medical evidence of the needs for that care in the future and the approximate cost.

If they are claiming that they have suffered a permanent injury that will affect them and cause them pain for the rest of their life, they need to provide medical evidence that supports that type of claim. They should include a demand letter and all the types of documents, photographs, or evidence that support not only the other person’s negligence also prove every element of their own damages.

Working with Insurance Companies

Anytime someone has been in a car accident, they are going to have to deal with insurance companies. The first insurance company they deal with most likely will be their own and then immediately after that, they will be dealing with the insurance company on the other side. Someone wants their attorneys to be able to represent and protect their interest not only with the insurance company, but also the insurance company of whoever injured them. Based on their experience and the resources of the attorney, they will try to work out a resolution and settlement of a claim before having to file a lawsuit.

Considering a Settlement

If somebody would sign a release or resolve their claim too soon in the process, they could be forever barred from making any sort of recovery in the future for their injuries. There is no set timetable or set formula to look for to decide when a car accident case should be settled because every case is unique. What people need to consider is the scope of their injuries and their damages, as well as how much time it will take to take a case all the way to a verdict. They should also consider the likely result in front of a jury and the likelihood of appeals based on legal issues or other issues unique to the case.

Only after consulting with an experienced Camden personal injury attorney should somebody ever consider settling their case or signing a release.