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Camden County Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

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A motorcycle recall happens when the manufacturer has found some sort of defect with his or her bike. It is his or her responsibility to issue a recall for the owners of defective motorcycles to bring their bikes back to the dealer to have the problem fixed. Recalls offer solutions only to problems that motorcycle manufacturers are already aware of.

A defect is a problem which manufacturers are unaware of. Defective motorcycles may not have recalls issued despite affecting many people. For help with understanding Camden County motorcycle defects and recalls, speak with a knowledgeable attorney from our firm.

Researching Recalls and Identifying Defects

All it takes to check if your motorcycle has been recalled is a simple Google search. It is also recommended to visit the manufacturer’s website, as it usually has places where you can check for recalls based on a bike’s make and model.

Some Camden County motorcycle defects and recalls defects are as minor as a faulty headlight, whereas others are more severe like malfunctioning break systems. The danger associated with riding a defective motorcycle depends on the exact circumstances, so it is advisable to check online resources for recalls and bring your bike to a local mechanic to have it checked for defects.

Unaware of a Recall and Injured in an Accident

Liability in a cases involving an injured motorcycle rider who was unaware of Camden County motorcycle defects and recalls at the time of his or her accident depends on the notice that was provided by the manufacturer. However, this is determined on a case-by-case basis, and there is no certainty about whether a person would be barred from bringing a claim against the manufacturer simply because a recall was already issued.

Manufacturer Responsibilities

It is a manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that he or she produces and sells motorcycles in the safest way possible. A motorcycle’s design process should include extensive safety testing and engineering before it is sold to the general public. An experienced attorney may be able to investigate whether a manufacturer knew about a motorcycle’s defect before releasing it to the public. A manufacturer who is aware of a defect but neglects to remedy it before selling the bike could be held liable for any injuries that a biker suffers as a result.

Deign Flaws without Recalls

If a motorcycle rider is injured in an accident because of a defect in his or her bike’s design but there is no recall, he or she may enlist the help of an attorney to gather evidence which demonstrates that the issue was the cause of their losses. It is a claimant’s responsibility to establish a manufacturer’s negligence in failing to remedy a deign flaw before selling his or her motorcycle in order to obtain compensation from him or her. Just because there is not a recall does not mean that an injured person cannot receive compensation. In fact, a plaintiff’s successful civil suit could prompt a recall from responsible parties. If you have questions about Camden County motorcycle defects and recalls, consider reaching out to a steadfast attorney today to learn more.