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Unique Aspects of Camden County Workers’ Compensation

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Camden County courts must adhere to state laws regarding workers’ compensation benefits. Unique aspects of Camden County workers’ compensation include permanency benefits. For example, the workers’ comp system in some other states is largely based on wage loss. If a person sustains an injury in another state, he or she would be subject to that place’s workers comp policies and is unlikely to receive any permanent injury award. A person permanently injured within the course and scope of his or her employment in Camden County would be eligible for permanency benefits.

Requirements for Local Business Owners

Employer requirements do not differ in Camden County compared to other counties in New Jersey. It is the responsibility of an injured worker to report the incident to his or her employer who must subsequently report that to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. This procedure is the same or very similar in almost every other state. Business owners must notify policy holders of an injury which has to be investigated and possibly compensated.

Workers’ Comp Benefits in Camden County

Workers’ compensation in Camden County also offers medical benefits to injured employees. The insurance carrier must cover any medical expenses incurred as a result of a work accident. If a worker sprains his or her back, for example, the insurance company has to pay for any treatment he or she needs as a result of that back injury. A person who gets the flu and goes to a doctor would not be covered because it is not a work-related medical expense.

An injured employee who is unable to work would receive temporary benefits checks, which should be equivalent to 70 percent of his or her average wages. Additionally, these benefits cannot be taxed.

Permanency Benefits

A claimant’s permanency benefits are based on his or her percentage of disability as determined by permanency evaluators at the end of a case. After his or her treatment has concluded, an injured worker’s legal representative may request a permanency evaluation from a doctor of his or her choice. This option is not available in all states and is considered a unique aspect of Camden County workers’ compensation.

An employee would have his or her injuries examined for permanency. The doctor may report total disability for conditions which require injections, physical therapy, or chiropractic treatment. If you disagree with a physician’s assessment of your condition, you can contest his or her opinion with the help of a lawyer who could negotiate a middle ground that is fair for your permanent injury. Once a claimant knows his or her percentage of disability, he or she would have a payment schedule according to specifications outlined in the Worker’s Comp Act. This statute dictates how much money an injured worker is entitled to for his or her permanency award.

Ask an Attorney about the Unique Aspects of Camden County Workers’ Compensation

If you were recently injured while performing your job duties, you should consider retaining a dedicated legal advocate who is familiar with the unique aspects of Camden County workers’ compensation. Local workers’ comp claims differ from those in other states and could offer you more benefits. Ask an attorney from our firm about which benefits you may be entitled to by scheduling a consultation today.