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What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Camden County

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Immediately following a bicycle accident, a person should seek medical attention even if he or she does not think they are significantly injured. An injured bicycle rider should also contact his or her insurance company to report the accident as soon as possible. Afterward, it is advisable to contact a skilled attorney to learn about what to do after a bicycle accident in Camden County.

Preserving Evidence From a Collision

The location of damages to a bike is important, as the opposing party may argue that the accident was not his or her fault in order to avoid paying damages. The bike should be preserved after a crash so a jury may examine it and determine whether a cyclist contributed to his or her own injuries. In addition to preserving his or her bike, an injured person should take pictures of the scene of the accident, as there may be a pothole or some other environmental condition that facilitated the collision.

Interacting with the Opposing Party

A bicyclist should not admit fault for an accident. He or she may ask if the other person is okay, but they should not talk about how the incident happened. A cyclist involved in an accident should also never say he or she is fine because adrenalin typically kicks in after an accident, and they may not initially feel any pain. As time goes by, injured parties tend to realize the severity of their damages but may find it difficult to make a claim for compensation if they made a statement at the scene that they were fine.

Potential Legal Obstacles Following a Bike Crash

One of the most confusing aspects of a bicycle accident is filing an insurance claim. An injured person could miss a deadline or may not realize he or she can receive coverage from various places. If he or she tries to handle their case themselves, they could miss out on coverage for their medical bills. The criminal system and the civil system can be confusing when it comes to getting tickets and being found negligent. Representing yourself in municipal court could be detrimental because you risk admitting fault when you should not. An attorney could help navigate the systems for liability, insurance claims, and monetary damages.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

One of the biggest issues with bicycle accidents is determining insurance coverage for an injury. It is important to contact legal counsel because there may be a deadline for when and how a person is insured for his or her injuries. An attorney can help him or her navigate that complicated claims system and obtain compensation for personal injuries and property damage.

Three important things to do after a bicycle accident are taking pictures of the scene including injuries, bicycle, and vehicle, contacting the police to file a report, and obtaining medical treatment immediately. A legal representative can help seek monetary damages for the injuries a cyclist suffers in an accident, so call today to learn more about what to do after a bicycle accident in Camden County.