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Preventing Camden County Bicycle Accidents

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To learn about the increased risks of injuries to bicyclists compared to operators of other types of vehicles, one should review New Jersey’s strict rules on how, where, and when a person may be bike riding. It is also advisable to seek legal advice on these matters from a skilled bicycle accident attorney. Preventing Camden County bicycle accidents could involve reading the rules about using lights, making sure your brakes are working, and wearing protective headgear. Injuries sustained in a bicycle accident are typically much more severe for a cyclist compared to someone in a vehicle.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Severe conditions like torrential downpours can make it impossible for a bicyclist to see. It also makes it difficult for motor vehicle operators to see a biker on the side of the road. Limited sight is a leading cause of bicycle accidents in Camden County. Bad weather such as snow and rain affects a bicyclist’s ability to see and makes it difficult for drivers to see as well. Rain and snow make the roadways very slippery for cars and bicycles. A bicycle may slip, and the rider could lose control and veer in front of a vehicle.

When a bicycle is someone’s only form of transportation, riding in the snow may be a necessity. Black ice is especially dangerous because it is hard to see. A bicycle may slip in front of a vehicle and get in an accident. Vehicles hitting black ice or snow could swerve into vulnerable bike riders.

When severe weather conditions exist, a cyclist can prevent Camden County bicycle accidents by not going out on the road. Many buses accommodate bike riders, so that could be a safer alternative.

Bad Weather and Liability

When someone chooses to ride a bicycle in poor weather conditions, a negligent driver who causes an accident may allege that the bike rider is partially liable for their own injuries. Because Camden County courts use comparative fault, the defense attorney could argue that the injured cyclist knew it was dangerous outside but went out anyway. They could present that argument in front of a jury and ask them to find the bike rider partially responsible for their own damages. If they are found at fault, their assigned percentage of blame would be deducted from their compensatory award.

Bicyclist Responsibilities

In the eyes of the law, bicyclists are held to the same standard as any other motor vehicle driver. They must obey all of the rules. If they violate a traffic law, they could be found negligent for any injuries suffered in a subsequent collision. Comparative fault plays an important role in these cases because cyclists are just as responsible for preventing Camden County bicycle accidents as drivers are. Even though New Jersey law does not require a person over the age of 17 to wear a helmet on local roadways, a biker who does not wear protective headgear could be found liable for increasing his or her own risk of injury.

Consult an Attorney to Learn about Preventing Camden County Bike Crashes

A skilled attorney would first establish how the accident occurred and identify the damages. He or she would look at the weather and the reason the person was out on their bike. The lawyer determines whether any substances were involved, whether the person was riding the bike intoxicated, and whether the driver was intoxicated. Bike collision attorneys look for who is at fault for the accident and injuries. For more information on preventing Camden County bicycle accidents, get in touch with our firm today.