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Camden Pedestrian Traffic Laws

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According to Camden pedestrian traffic laws, the pedestrian always has the right of way and the motorcycle, bicycle, and motor vehicle always has to yield the right of way to a pedestrian, no exceptions. However, even though Camden pedestrian traffic laws say that a pedestrian always has the right of way, it still makes sense to try to cross the street at a designated crosswalk and to be vigilant and just because that person has the right of way. Local pedestrian accident lawyers still recommend to people that they look both ways. If there are vehicles coming they should wait until they know that that vehicle is going to stop because it is not unlikely that drivers are distracted by cell phones.

Crossing the Street and Texting

Pedestrians should feel certain about having a safe path before crossing the street.

However, pedestrians can get distracted by cell phones too. Sometimes people are just not paying attention when they are walking. An individual may be doing everything right by crossing the street in a designated crosswalk and thinking that vehicles are going to stop. If they are not looking up and are looking down at their phones, and sending a text message they increase the risk of being hit by a motor vehicle. Despite having the right of way, legal counsel will always recommend pedestrians make sure that that vehicle is going to stop.

Likelihood of Pedestrian Responsibility

Because New Jersey is a comparative negligence state, there are times where the argument is centered around Camden pedestrian traffic laws. The argument may be that the pedestrian was crossing a road where there was no lighting in that area, they bolted out in front of a vehicle, or where the vehicle maybe did not have an opportunity to yield. When that happens there is the argument of comparative negligence, which is they give a portion of responsibility to the pedestrian. In New Jersey as long as the pedestrian is not found to be more than 50% negligent, the person is still entitled to get damages from the driver who hit them. If a person is found to be more than 50 percent negligent, then he or she is not entitled to any damages against the person that hit them.

Speaking with an Attorney

Being injured in an accident can be difficult to deal with emotionally and financially. Experienced personal injury lawyers can fight for your right to compensation through the use of witnesses and relevant evidence such as photos of the scene. Contacting a lawyer right away has the potential to affect the outcome of your case and the amount of damages you are entitled to. Local lawyers keep your best interest in mind when assessing Camden pedestrian traffic laws applicable to your case. They will work with you to establish the negligence or wrongdoing of the responsible party to benefit your recovery process.