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Determining Settlement Value in Camden County Injury Cases

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The settlement value of someone’s personal injury case in Camden County can be determined with the assistance of an experienced attorney by looking at the liability issues, the damages issues, the legal issues, and the risks of appeal. Once those issues are analyzed, an attorney can explain to an injured person the risks of not settling the case and going to trial. However, it is important to note that every case is unique and therefore the settlement value in every case is also unique. For help determining settlement values in an injury case, a Camden County injury attorney is necessary to assist in streamlining this process.

Determining Fault

If an injured person has been at fault or has been comparatively negligent, it will diminish the value of the settlement. For example, in a slip and fall case, the defense always argues that somebody should have been more careful in watching where they were walking so they are comparatively negligent or partially responsible for their injury. This reduces the value of any settlement, because the jury would reduce any verdict by the percentage of responsibility they placed on the injured party, and that has to be factored into the settlement value.

It is also for this reason that a person should be very careful before admitting to anything without consulting with an experienced lawyer. Based on the way questions are phrased, a person should be very careful in filling out any documents or answering any questions without the assistance of attorneys. People need to be honest and truthful with their attorneys. Attorneys need to be honest and truthful, but advocates for their clients so that they can protect the settlement value of any claim.

Accepting an Offer

Before accepting any settlement offer, a person should consider the liability or legal issues in the case as well as the amount of damages, both economic and non-economic, that have been offered. Importantly, if those damages can be proved in front of a jury, those factors must be analyzed together to determine whether to accept a settlement offer that is reasonable based on the type of injury, the issues involved, and the jurisdiction where a jury would likely hear the case.

Working with a Lawyer

A lawyer can help a person determine their settlement value by helping them understand the various remedies that are available to them and the types of damages to which they are entitled. Generally, once they understand what their rights are, they can assist the person in gathering the evidence so they can prove those damages. Once that information is collected and analyzed against the law, an attorney can help a person understand if the settlement offer is reasonable based on that attorney’s experience resolving cases in that jurisdiction.