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Disqualifying Circumstances for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Camden County

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Workers’ compensation in Camden County offers medical, temporary, and permanent benefits. Medical benefits provide injured workers with compensation for their hospital, doctors, diagnostic studies, rehabilitative costs, and all other related medical expenses after suffering an injury on the job.

Temporary benefits typically come in the form of a weekly check, and permanent benefits are based on the evaluations of two examining doctors as well as the extent of an employee’s injury. However, there are many disqualifying circumstances for workers’ compensation benefits in Camden County, so it is advisable to consult an attorney about whether you have a valid claim before filing.

Exemptions from Workers’ Comp

There are many exemptions associated with workers’ comp. An employee whose injury did not happen during the course and scope of employment would not qualify for Camden County workers’ compensation benefits.

For example, if a worker leaves the office to purchase lunch and gets hit by a car, his or her eligibility for benefits may be relinquished. Additionally, an employee who gets into an accident on the way home from work may not be covered. There are some exceptions, but commute time is not typically covered. This is known as the going and coming to work rule.

Workers’ comp benefits could also be denied to an employee who was in violation of the law at the time of the injury. If he or she was doing something illegal and got hurt as a result, the injury may not be covered under workers’ compensation.

Furthermore, injuries sustained during personal errands are another common exemption. For instance, if a traveling salesman goes to the mall in between his or her sales and gets injured at that time, he or she may not receive benefits because the activity was outside of the scope of employment.

Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Benefits

Receiving unemployment benefits may disqualify you from receiving some or all of the workers’ compensation benefits in Camden County. Unemployment payments would be available as long as you are not receiving weekly temporary benefits. A person can have a work injury and still maintain his or her employment status.

Workers’ comp is for injured employees, and unemployment benefits are for those who are out of work but seeking employment. For this reason, it is impossible for an injured person to receive both at the same time.

Instead, you may apply for temporary disability benefits offered by the state during an ongoing workers’ comp case. However, if your workers’ compensation claim is successful, you would be responsible for reimbursing the State Temporary Disability benefits you received. Sometimes, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier may contribute to that reimbursement. Otherwise, it would come out of your pocket.

Learn More about Disqualifying Circumstances for Camden County Workers’ Compensation Benefits from an Attorney

A qualified legal representative can assist you in filing a claim and obtaining all the benefits to which you are entitled to under the workers’ compensation laws of the State of New Jersey. If you are uncertain about whether you are eligible for benefits from your employer for being hurt on the job, ask an attorney about disqualifying circumstances for workers’ compensation benefits in Camden County.

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