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Camden Pedestrian Accidents Involving Children

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A reoccurring element in pedestrian accidents in Camden is the motor vehicle not paying attention and not seeing that there is a pedestrian crossing the street. Whether it is in the crosswalk or not, if that pedestrian is crossing the street, the motor vehicle has to yield the right of way and we see that not happening and accidents occurring with significant injuries to that pedestrian.

Camden pedestrian accidents involving children can be emotionally difficult to address without the help and support of an experienced accident lawyer. Camden pedestrian accident lawyers can help you build a case against the responsible party.

Frequency of Children in Accidents

Camden pedestrian accidents involving children happen a lot, often because children are playing outside and they dart out into the roadway. Now the reason that that is a little bit different than normal pedestrian accident is a lot of times this is occurring in areas where a driver should know that there are children playing in that area.

If there is a playground there, if it is an area where there are children who play every single day, then a person needs to take that into consideration and be on the lookout for children that could be darting out in front of their vehicle and not simply just be speeding through that area.

Collision Susceptibility

If kids sometimes are playing in areas and playing with friends, they sometimes inadvertently run out into the roadway. As a driver, they need to take that into consideration when trying to avoid Camden pedestrian accidents involving children. The state of New Jersey will put signs up and it is of a child playing and it is to let drivers know that this is an area where kids are playing, so the person should be on the lookout and be careful.

How Children Cases Differ

Camden pedestrian accidents involving children differ because in New Jersey there is something called comparative negligence. Because a person is injured does not mean that the other is automatically at fault, there is comparative negligence that could be applied to the person and their actions but when they are dealing with a child, their comparative negligence standards are different and it is a case-by-case basis that depends on the age of the child, but there are certain rules and laws that apply in that respect. It is really important for an experienced pedestrian accident attorney to look at the case and tell the person what their rights are.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Older People

Alternatively, when elderly people are crossing the street it may take them a little bit longer. Even if they are in a crosswalk, if they are taking too long, they are more susceptible to being hit because they are in the roadway longer than someone else would be. The other element of elderly-related pedestrian accidents is the recovery time and ability to recover is different than someone who is younger. Their injuries tend to be more significant and take longer to heal after a Camden pedestrian accident.

Risk if Tourism

The presence of tourists simply means there are going to be more people crossing the street. In regards to Camden pedestrian accidents, the more people that are crossing roadways, the more likelihood there is that there could be a pedestrian accident.

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