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Medical Treatment for an Injured Worker in Camden County

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Any injury which takes place within the course and scope of your employment can lead to a workers’ compensation claim in Camden County, regardless of whether it is a sprained finger or a broken ankle.

Minor injuries typically result in relatively small award of permanency benefits and are less likely to qualify for temporary benefits. In those situations, the insurance company may offer a small amount of money to close the claim.

However, if you can prove that you have a significant, permanent disabling condition, you may obtain substantial workers’ compensation benefits. Seeking and following up with medical treatment for an injured worker in Camden County is crucial for establishing the severity of the condition and obtaining compensation benefits.

Working with a Qualified Physician

Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers are responsible for appointing authorized doctors to provide medical treatment to an injured worker in Camden County. An injured person may not seek treatment with a provider of his or her own choosing without the authorization of the workers’ compensation carrier.

For example, if you are being treated by an authorized doctor for your injured back and the doctor does not think that you are a surgical candidate, you may request a second opinion examination with a different physician. In other words, you may ask for a second opinion from a specific doctor, but the carrier may refuse to provide a second opinion.

Choosing Your Own Doctor

Many workers do not like that the insurance company reserves the right to pick their doctors. They are not comfortable with it, but it is the law. Injured employees often tell their attorneys that they do not like their appointed doctors and that they would rather go to their own healthcare providers. However, it is advisable to let your attorney talk to the insurance company to get them to agree to another doctor without animosity.

While you may go to your own doctor, you would have to pay for any treatment provided because the workers’ compensation insurance company is only obligated to pay the physicians they authorize. In addition, if your own medical care provider says that you are unfit to return to work, the workers’ compensation insurance company is unlikely to honor his or her opinion because it is coming from an unauthorized doctor. Injured employees are not doing themselves any favors by going to their own doctors at their own expense.

Medical-Only Claims

According to state compensation regulations, a medical-only claim would be appropriate when an employee does not miss any time from work. A medical-only claim can still involve a permanent disability and may entitle a claimant to permanency benefits. If a worker is injured, they are likely to receive some sort of permanency award at the end of his or her case.

Ask an Attorney about Medical Treatment for an Injured Worker in Camden County

In order to qualify for compensation from your employer, your injury must meet certain requirements. Keeping up with doctor’s visits is crucial for obtaining workers’ comp benefits after a work-related accident. Working with a physician who has been authorized by the insurance company can help you case move forward relatively quickly. Contact a diligent legal advocate today to learn more about the importance of medical treatment for an injured worker in Camden County.

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