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Camden County Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

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With over 20,000 FDA-approved prescription drugs available for sale in the United States, and more coming out every year, it is unfortunately common for medications with unknown or undisclosed effects to enter the market for public consumption. As a result, thousands of individuals sustain serious and sometimes even life-threatening harm because of the negligence or malfeasance of pharmaceutical companies with an interest in maximizing profits.

If an unlisted side effect or contraindication of your medication caused you to suffer a significant illness or allowed your medical condition to worsen, a skilled Camden County dangerous drugs lawyer could help you file suit against the manufacturer responsible for producing and selling an unreasonably hazardous product. These lawsuits tend to be especially complex and difficult to manage, so the value of a seasoned Camden County personal injury attorney’s assistance cannot be understated.

What Might Justify a Dangerous Drug Claim?

Whether it is due to an oversight during testing, a rush to launch a new product for the sake of maintaining profit margins, or any other reason, drug manufacturers do not always positively identify all possible side effects and contraindications of a new drug before releasing it to the public. Additionally, there are some loopholes in the FDA’s testing procedures – most notably, the 510(k) process that fast-tracks approval for products that are very similar to other products already on the market – that sometimes allow these design defects to go unnoticed.

Alternatively, a drug that is normally safe may become unsafe due to contamination or some other error during manufacturing, resulting in harm only to individuals who consumed a particular batch thereof. Finally, some dangerous drug claims are not based on defects with the medication itself, but rather a failure by the drug’s manufacturer(s) to notify consumers of all known hazards associated with their product. A Camden County attorney could provide crucial guidance in identifying potential grounds for a defective drug claim and pursuing compensation from the party or parties responsible for the losses someone may suffer as a result of their negligence.

Recovering Damages after Taking a Defective Medication

Similar to other civil claims, a dangerous drug lawsuit may allow a plaintiff to recover for all forms of harm that they can successfully connect to taking a hazardous medication. Depending on the extent of a plaintiff’s losses, a comprehensive case may seek restitution for both economic damages like additional medical expenses as well as non-economic damages like physical pain and lost enjoyment of life. If this is the case, please contact our Camden County non-economic damages lawyers today.

However, the defendants in cases like this are usually giant corporations, and defects in prescription or over-the-counter medications often impact hundreds or even thousands of people at once, both of which are factors that can significantly complicate a single plaintiff’s efforts to recover compensation. A defective drug lawyer in Camden County could discuss specific options for recovery, which may include joining or starting class action litigation.

A Camden County Dangerous Drugs Attorney Could Help

Millions of people across the country depend on pharmaceutical products to treat chronic conditions and improve their overall quality of life, and most medications work as advertised without incident. However, poorly designed or manufactured drugs can cause immense harm with long-lasting repercussions, and they often stem from negligence or overtly criminal behavior by the companies that produce and sell these medications.

A Camden County dangerous drugs lawyer could be a steadfast ally throughout your fight to hold a pharmaceutical company accountable for the damages they caused you. Schedule a consultation by calling our team today.