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Important Steps Following a Camden Pedestrian Accident 

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No one expects to be hit by a car as they are crossing the street. As a pedestrian, you observe the traffic laws and hope that drivers are doing the same. All it takes is one distracted driver to cause a pedestrian accident. Pedestrian accidents can be fatal because they are unexpected and because pedestrians have no protective gear to soften the impact. If you have sustained injuries as the result of a negligent driver, you can pursue a personal injury case. If you choose to do so, one of the most important steps following a Camden pedestrian accident is to contact a qualified pedestrian accident lawyer. A skilled attorney can strive for a positive outcome for you.

Importance of Recorded Statements

The insurance company will try to get a recorded statement and what happens sometimes is that certain injuries may not manifest themselves immediately. A person may not be having back pain immediately after the accident, but they might begin to experience back pain a week later.

Another one of the important steps following a Camden pedestrian accident is making sure to avoid or limit contact with the defendant’s insurance company. If a person gives a recorded statement to the insurance company and the company asks them what they are experiencing as far as injuries and they say they are not experiencing back pain, that is going to be used against the person for the rest of the case and they will avoid compensating the plaintiff for those injuries,  even though they were a result of the accident.

Anything that is said in that recorded statement can be used against the individual later in the case. Most lawyers advise their clients to not give recorded statements to the defendant’s insurance company. That is why it is best that an individual gets in contact with a lawyer as soon as possible so their lawyer can advise them on what not to say.

Next Steps if a Driver Flees the Scene

If the driver flees the scene, an individual should try to get their license plate number, if the person is unable to do that, they should contact the police immediately. If the plaintiff and law enforcement are unable to find the vehicle, the person may still be protected.

If the person has their own car insurance, they will have uninsured motorist coverage that will kick in in the event of a hit-and-run situation. In the event that the client does not have their own auto insurance, the state of New Jersey has what is called NJPLIGA, which stands for New Jersey Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association, that will provide that person with benefits if a pedestrian is involved in a hit-and-run.

Collecting Evidence

If a person is too injured to collect evidence, the attorney will probably do so later.  If the police have done their job properly it should not be an issue but lawyers always recommend that the client takes pictures of the vehicle, the area the accident took place, and the license plate, if possible. If the person is not able to get pictures at that time, maybe that person can go back to the scene afterward when that person is feeling a little bit better and just get pictures of the scene, where they were crossing the street, where the impact occurred, and things like that.

Value of a Lawyer

There are many important steps following a Camden pedestrian accident, and it can seem overwhelming to keep track of them all which is where an attorney can help. A skilled pedestrian accident lawyer can guide you through this stressful experience. An attorney can assist with the collection of evidence and provide advice on how to deal with the defendant’s insurance company. Most importantly, a lawyer can devote the time and resources necessary to build your case.