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Camden County Injury Pre-Trial Steps

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Prior to their personal injury trial, somebody who has been injured will want to spend considerable time with a Camden County personal injury attorney to understand the trial process and the mechanics of the trial process they face so they are more comfortable. More importantly, they will go over every document, deposition testimony, and other relevant information so that they are prepared to tell their story. To prepare for trial, attorneys make sure their clients have all the information necessary so they are as comfortable going to trial and it is not a stressful event, and they are prepared to deal with the questions they will face.

Collecting Evidence

During the pretrial period, the evidence that needs to be collected is any type of evidence to prove responsibility, whether it is a police report, measurements, photographs, or the use of information from an expert to determine speeds and distances. They should also be collecting evidence to prove damages. For every damage case, every person’s story is unique, depending on the information that will be collected and determined by the types of damages. Finally, they will be collecting legal issues, opinions, or statutes that are relevant to the issues in the case.

Pretrial Period Length

A short pretrial period in a Camden County personal injury case would have positive and negative elements to it. It could be advantageous to move the case further towards resolution, but the concern with the short trial period is there is not enough time to fully understand the extent of somebody’s damages and to gather all the relevant information to prove those damages. The negative of a short timeframe is that someone does not have all the information they need.

On the other hand, in a personal injury case, a long pretrial period allows enough time to collect all of the information necessary to prove liability, to prove damages, and to understand and analyze all the legal issues involved. The negative aspect of a long trial period is a delay in time waiting for compensation for injuries and the financial strains that it places on families. Another issue with the long trial period is evidence may disappear or people’s memories will fade. That could be an issue depending on what is going on in the case.

Working with an Attorney

An experienced personal injury lawyer will prepare heavily prior to trial. They will understand the facts, the law and the application of the law to the facts, and be prepared to confront or to deal with any legal issues that may arise during trial.

A person should be careful with respect to any sort of social media post or activity that could possibly be misconstrued or used against them in an upcoming personal injury trial during the pretrial period. They should be careful of what they post and what they say online. They should listen to their attorney’s advice regarding preparation reviewing document and testimony, so they are prepared to address the issues that might arise.