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Bad Weather in Camden County Car Accidents

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Bad weather can greatly exacerbate the chance of a car accident in Camden County. Rain, snow, hail, fog, and high winds can all provide extra hazards when driving on local roads. It is important for drivers to know how these conditions can arise and what to do to lessen the chance of an accident. If an accident does occur, a dedicated auto collision lawyer could fight for you and try to recover eligible damages.

How Are Camden County Roads Susceptible to Bad Weather?

Local roads are vulnerable to bad weather because our area experiences all four seasons. That means snow in the winter, lots of rain in the spring, and hot summer days. Local roads are also susceptible to wear and tear due to the changing weather, which could create potholes and poor visibility during snowstorms and rainstorms. Inclement weather could cause wet or icy roadways, which contributes to the risk of an accident.

Drivers should be on the lookout for warnings that they or another driver could be having a bad weather accident. Some examples of weather-related hazards are poor visibility, slipping or hydroplaning on the road, or losing control of the vehicle because the brakes are not working on the ice.

What to Do before and after a Bad Weather Accident in Our Area

To protect themselves before bad weather conditions, motorists can:

  • Ensure their cars have front-wheel or four-wheel drive
  • Install snow tires or snow chains
  • Confirm their windshield wipers are working
  • Make sure their headlights are on
  • Drive slowly, or not drive at all if it is not required

After being involved in an accident caused by severe conditions in Camden County, a person should first call the police and seek medical treatment if necessary. He or she should then document the conditions by taking pictures of the roadways and the sky, as well as check the weather reports for that day. This evidence can be critical to the success of an injury claim. A local lawyer could help an injured person by investigating the claim themselves and allowing the victim to recover from his or her injuries.

Pursuing Compensation after a Crash Caused by Poor Weather

New Jersey is a modified comparative negligence state. If the weather is bad and a motorist is not driving safely in the poor conditions, the jury is allowed to consider this when allocating fault. Plaintiffs who share some responsibility may still be able to recover damages, but their total award would be reduced in proportion to their degree of liability.

Injured individuals can seek compensation for the full extent of their losses. Recoverable damages include property damage, lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

Bad Weather Shouldn’t Stop You from Seeking Relief

Weather can be fleeting, and it might be difficult to prove its involvement in a Camden County car accident. With the assistance of a dedicated lawyer, you might be able to make a case for recovering damages after sustaining injuries. Call today to see what an attorney could do for you.