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Types of Camden Pedestrian Accidents 

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There are various types of Camden pedestrian accidents that can cause serious injury consequences. If you have been harmed by any of the scenarios listed below, do not hesitate to contact a distinguished pedestrian accident lawyer to file a claim.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Crosswalks

A pedestrian accidents involving crosswalks happen frequently and what is important in these cases is that when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk in the state of New Jersey, there is no doubt about it that the motor vehicle has to yield the right of way to that pedestrian and when they do not and they strike a pedestrian and that pedestrian is injured, they are clearly at fault and their insurance company is responsible to that pedestrian for all the damages that they have caused.

Cars Backing Up

Pedestrian accidents involving cars backing up in Camden are also frequent, whether it is in a parking lot or just on the roadway. When someone is backing up, they need to make sure that there is nothing behind them, especially a person.

With technology, this is happening less and less frequently because a lot of times cars have rear-view cameras now and back up sensors that are preventing this, but it is still seen and can result in significant injuries.

Car Accidents in Parking Lots

A pedestrian accident in a parking lot is really the same as if it was on a roadway. There are crosswalks and areas that pedestrians are supposed to walk in Camden parking lots. Local laws apply even if it is private property. Meaning, an individual needs to yield the right of way to pedestrians. Even though the individual is on a private property does not mean now that they do not have to follow motor vehicle laws, they still have to look out for them and not hit a pedestrian.

What attorneys have often seen pedestrian accidents with cars exiting parking lots onto the street. They typically lack of checking for pedestrians on crosswalks or sidewalks surrounding the lot. When a person is exiting a parking lot they have to not only look for other vehicles, they have got to make sure that there are no pedestrians in the roadway or on the sidewalk that they are going to hit because they will be responsible for any damages caused.

Streets with no Sidewalks

There are not a ton of Camden pedestrian accidents on streets with no sidewalks but they typically happen when a driver does not see a pedestrian walking on the side of the road. When this happens drivers are sometimes unable to apply their brakes and end up causing significant injuries, sometimes even catastrophic injuries.

Cars Turning Left at Intersections

Pedestrian accidents involving cars turning left happen frequently across the intersection. The reason for this is when a car making a left is only looking for whether or not it is safe to turn and clear of other vehicles. Often, they do not look for the pedestrian, they make their left hand turn, and they cause that pedestrian accident, which a lot of times results in serious injuries.

Public Transportation

The pedestrian accidents involving buses can be more frequent and it is simply because a lot of times a person is dealing with more people in the area where the buses are. There tend to be more accidents involving buses. However, the school buses especially have gotten better with technology that makes it easier for the school bus operator to see these kids get off the bus. There should never be an instance where a school bus strikes a child. If it happens, that means something wrong occurred because there are safeguards put on these buses now to prevent that from occurring.