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Cherry Hill Bicycle Accidents vs Motorcycle Accidents

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It is important to know that the differences between Cherry Hill bicycle accidents vs motorcycle accidents may potentially affect one’s ability to receive injury compensation depending on the circumstances under which the incident occurred. If you possess any questions regarding the specifics of these cases, a professional injury attorney can assist you through a consultation on your eligibility for damage recovery today. Read on to learn more about the differences between Cherry Hill bicycle accidents vs motorcycle accidents, as well as the ways a skilled lawyer may be able to offer you their assistance.

Differences in Potential Consequences Between Accidents

It is important to consider that if there is no motor on one’s bike, then there is no requirement for them to acquire specific insurance for that vehicle. If a someone gets into an accident with a vehicle and they are on a bicycle or a motorcycle, there is no structure encasing the individual to offer them protection.

While a minor fender bender in a car may not result in significant injuries to someone, the same circumstances with a bicyclist can result in horrific injuries. The same instances apply to a motorcycle driver because there is nothing protecting the individual if they are hit and thrown off that bike. Because motorcycles can travel at high speeds as well, their injuries can potentially be very serious.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Because there is no protection on a bicycle, many types of injuries can result. One of the most commonly seen involves head injuries. Unfortunately, when someone gets thrown from their bike, they can land head-first to receive a very serious concussive injury. Other issues can include broken bones, lacerations, and bruising. However, because head injuries are the most common, this highlights why wearing a helmet is so important. This is where comparative negligence can come into play.

In a bicycle accident, the defendant can attempt to argue that the bicyclist was at fault for the accident. That does not mean that they must be 100% at fault, but if they share in any of the responsibility for the accident, then the award of damages would be reduced by their percentage of responsibility. This circumstance would alter the defense. A dedicated accident attorney will establish if the bicyclist was abiding by the motor vehicle laws or if they were in a bike lane.

Medical Attention in Motorcycle Cases

In motorcycle accident injuries, there is a possibility for road rash because of the high speeds that the motorcycle is capable of going when the rider gets thrown off and slides on the ground. Bicycles are usually not traveling at high at speeds, so this does not happen nearly as often in those cases. Motorcycle accidents incur severe head injuries as well that can result in fatalities much more often than with bicycles.

The Role of an Experienced Collision Attorney

A compassionate injury attorney can help protect the rights of the injured party. When a bicyclist is involved in an accident, there are many rights the rider possesses with regard to damages. Those damages can be both economic and non-economic, and a skilled lawyer can help to make sure their evidence is preserved and that the proper parties and insurance companies are put on notice. In this way, an attorney can potentially increase the chances that the plaintiff will receive a fair and reasonable monetary award. If you wish to learn more about how the differences between Cherry Hill bicycle accidents vs motorcycles could affect your ability to receive compensation, reach out to a skilled lawyer today for your initial consultation.