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Appealing a Cherry Hill Car Accident Case 

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There are instances in which an individual might receive a ruling on their car accident case that they are not satisfied with. However, that initial ruling does not have to be the final one. Appealing a Cherry Hill Car accident case ruling is an option. If you wish to appeal your car accident case, it is of the utmost importance that you retain the services of an adept car accident lawyer. Contact a tenacious local attorney and you can be confident that they will advocate for you.

How a Plaintiff Can Appeal Their Case

When an individual is considering appealing a Cherry Hill Car accident case, it is important to remember that every case is unique. The ability to appeal depends on the specific facts of the case and the specific decisions that were rendered during trial. At the end of a case, if a client is unhappy with the result, they would have an option of filing an appeal.

Under the law in New Jersey, they always have the right to file an appeal though the likelihood of success will be determined by the underlying facts and the applicable law as applied by the judge. Every case is different and the analysis of the likelihood of appeal is very fact-sensitive.

Impact of Winning the Appeal on Damages

If somebody files an appeal what happens will depend on the underlying facts of the case. If somebody was unsuccessful in a lawsuit and they appeal, they might have the opportunity to have a second trial. Conversely, if somebody has obtained a favorable verdict and it is appealed by the other side or they appealed it because they wanted more money, they may get a lower number by the appellate division, because the appellate division has the ability to reduce a verdict. The case could be thrown out on other legal issues and they may lose their right to even retry the case. The appellate process is a very uncertain process that the pros and cons need to be considered carefully before deciding whether to appeal a matter.

How Often Someone Can Appeal a Case

Typically, an individual has one opportunity to appeal the matter. If unsuccessful in New Jersey, they would appeal to the appellate division. If they are unsuccessful at the appellate division, sometimes as a right they will have an opportunity to have the New Jersey Supreme Court review the matter.

Sometimes they will review it on a discretionary basis. There are times when one may have multiple appeals in the sense that an appeal has been granted and the matter has been sent back to trial and here has been another result and one of the parties appeal that matter for the second time. There are many permutations to how appeals can play out.

Unique Dynamics of Appeals

The length of an appeal can be very difficult to predict. Appeals can take anywhere from one year to three years to obtain final resolution or a decision to be had. It is very fact-specific and very difficult to predict the length of an appeal.

If the appeal is lost, one may or may not have an opportunity to appeal a second time to the New Jersey Supreme Court. If it is a discretionary matter and the New Jersey Supreme Court decides not to hear the case, the case would be over. Conversely, if it is a matter the New Jersey Supreme Court decides to hear, an individual may have another opportunity to present the case at trial.

What everybody needs to be aware of when appealing a Cherry Hill Car accident case, are the risks associated with it. Sometimes the verdict obtained may not be exactly the verdict that the person wanted, but one would be risking more in filing an appeal. Sometimes they just need to know the pros and cons before deciding on the course of an appeal.

Value of a Lawyer

A car accident lawyer experienced in appealing a Cherry Hill Car accident case will help their client understand the pros and cons of attempting an appeal as well as the costs and the risks associated with it. It is a very fact-specific analysis that needs to be thoroughly explained to the client, so the client can make decisions with their eyes wide open. Contact an attorney to get started on your appeal.

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