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Dog Bite Injuries in Cherry Hill

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The severity of dog bite injuries in Cherry Hill can impact an individual’s potential to receive compensation. Because New Jersey is a strict liability state, it is important to know whether or not someone was just bitten or attacked. If a dog just is running towards someone or chasing them and an actual bite never occurs, the person still may have a claim but now it is going to be based on negligence.

It may be vital to your case to contact a distinguished dog bite lawyer about the details of your injuries and how they were sustained. Legal advice can be beneficial to the outcome of your case and the amount of damages you receive.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

In a lot of times, with dog bite cases, because of the fear of what is going through someone’s mind as a dog is attacking them, in addition to the puncture wounds, the client will be dealing with emotional claims. It is a post-traumatic stress-inducing incident to be attacked by a dog. Being attacked by more than one dog at a time can have a significant emotional impact on someone.

They may be afraid of dogs in Cherry Hill forever as a result of dog bite injuries and it is understandable. The other physical injuries often seen are when a dog is attacking someone and that dog is biting that person. They are doing everything they can to try to get away from that dog and to get out of the clinches of that dog. Cherry Hill attorneys see other injuries that can result from that, whether it is injuries to the shoulder, the knees, their neck, or their back.

A person’s body is not meant to move the way it is moving as the person is being bitten by a dog and trying to fight their way free. In addition to the puncture wounds, an attorney will also see other physical injuries as a result of that person fighting to get away.

Proving Negligence

The strict liability dog bite statute can be applied to any case where a dog’s teeth actually punctured the skin. An injured person has a claim for both dog bites and dog attacks, however, it will be important to define dog bite injuries in Cherry Hill if that is the definite cause for the injured person’s harm. If a person has a minor injury, the person is still entitled to compensation. It would not be as much as the compensation someone with a significant injury can receive. A significant injury is considered any harm that required surgeries or treatments or permanent harm.

The severity of the injuries impacts the individual’s potential to receive compensation, only in the amount that they are going to receive. In any instance, the person is entitled to compensation. The only varying factor being the amount of compensation the person is entitled to depending on the severity of the injuries, the impact on the person’s life, and the medical treatment that the person has had and that the person is going to need.

How a Lawyer Can Help With Dog Bite Injuries in Cherry Hill

There are a lot of times severe wounds as a result of the bite. Minor dog bite wounds and severe dog bite wounds can result in permanent scaring. Attorneys have seen minor dog bites that are just a small puncture and maybe some bruising. There are also cases that are horrific that have caused significant disfigurement of someone’s face or body.

The amount of damages someone can receive can depend on whether there is any economic losses such as lost wages and things of that nature. An experienced lawyer will want to take in the psychological affect dog bite injuries in Cherry Hill have on their client. This means they will want to speak with their client about the attack and any lingering emotional problems as a result. Call today to learn more about your legal options.