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Cherry Hill Car Accident Trials Involving Multiple Defendants 

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The consequences of being involved in a car accident are difficult enough to deal with, without the inclusion of more defendants. However, if you have been involved in an accident involving multiple people, and you are wondering how your car accident trial will go, seek the legal counsel of a capable car accident lawyer. Cherry Hill car accident trials involving multiple defendants can be complicated and should be handled by someone who is experienced and up for the task. If you have been involved in an accident involving multiple people, contact a skilled lawyer who can advocate for you.

Health and Privacy Laws

Health privacy laws are always an issue in Cherry Hill car accident trials involving multiple defendants. When one brings a claim as in somebody claiming personal injury, in essence, they waive many of the privacy rights and open up their past medical history because they have now claimed personal injury.

Influence of Multiple Defendants on Outcome of Case

A multiple defendant situation can have an impact on the case in many different ways. Typically, there would be two defense attorneys representing the multiple defendants, which would give the defendants multiple opportunities to attack or to undermine the plaintiff’s case. Multiple defendants will have an opportunity to have more experts against a single plaintiff. Additionally, multiple defendants would have access to additional assets and/or insurance coverage, so having a multiple defendant situation raises a lot of issues that an experienced personal injury attorney can help evaluate.

The one benefit to a plaintiff having multiple defendants is in a scenario where the defendants criticize each other. That happens on occasion where defendants try to point their finger at each other. That helps a plaintiff. It does not happen all the time, but when it does it is good. The other scenario is that having more defendants opens up the opportunity for more available compensation if a verdict is obtained.

Duration of Litigation

In  Cherry Hill car accident trials involving multiple defendants, the order in which the case is presented does not change and the same chronology occurs. In opening statements, a plaintiff goes first and then each defendant has an opportunity to make an opening statement. At closing, each defendant would go first, having an opportunity to a make a closing statement, followed and concluded by the plaintiff making their closing statement.

How long a case lasts once a claim is filed depends on multiple situations and multiple issues. Every case is unique. The county in which it is filed will determine how long a case will take. Some counties have a backlog that is larger than others. Some counties have shortages of judges more so than others. The insurance company could also affect how long litigation takes. Some insurance companies delay the matters more than others. The amount of witnesses involved can determine the length of litigation as well as the amount of damages involved. Generally, cases typically take anywhere from two to four years to come to a resolution.

Role of an Attorney

In Cherry Hill car accident trials involving multiple defendants, it is important to seek the services of an experienced car accident lawyer is prepared to deal with all attacks advanced by defendants. It is a matter of preparation and anticipation. Knowing that they are up against multiple defendants, an experienced plaintiff’s personal injury attorney will be prepared and expect the various points of attack from the various defendants. Consult a skilled car accident attorney who can protect your rights and fight for you.