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Tips for Driving Safely Through Fog in Cherry Hill

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New Jersey can become a very foggy state, especially when the weather is warmer. It is caused by warm temperatures on land meeting the cool temperature of the water in the ocean, so places closest to the coastline such as the Jersey Shore will experience even more fog than the rest of the state. In fact, in 2015 there was a bank of fog so large coming from the ocean that it was reported to look “like a tsunami” by many. With fog present throughout so many months of the year, it is important New Jersey drivers know how to drive through it properly.  Follow these tips for driving safely through fog in Cherry Hill, contact a qualified car attorney that can advise you on how to stay safe while driving.

Fog Lights and Head Lights

One of the best tips for driving safely through fog in Cherry Hill is to turn the fog lights on in the car; and if there are none installed on the vehicle, to consider installing these aftermarket parts.

While these lights are not required to be installed during the manufacturing phase in the United States, most foreign cars will already have them. And even though they are not required, they are also not illegal to use. They should not be used when visibility is good however, as they can be mistaken for brake lights by other drivers.

In addition to fog lights, the headlights should also be used, but never the high beams. High beams will not only reduce the visibility of other drivers, but it will make it harder to see through the fog, as the light will simply be reflected back into the car. And while headlights may not make it easier for the driver of that vehicle to see, it will allow for other drivers to see the vehicle better.

Clearing Windows

In addition to lights, clearing up the windows can also help a driver see more clearly. Fog is a collection of moisture in the air and so using the defroster on the rear window and the windshield can clear this up. Even on warm days this should be set to warm or hot, as this will help dry up that moisture more quickly.

Driving Slowly and Maintaining Distance

Lastly, going slow and keeping an appropriate distance is one of the most important things drivers can do when driving in fog. It will be difficult to see the cars ahead when there is fog and without seeing them, it is too easy to crash into them when going too fast and not keeping an appropriate distance.

In good driving conditions, it is recommended that drivers keep a distance of two seconds between them and the driver in front of them. In foggy conditions, that speed should drop to about five seconds between vehicles. This means that the speed should be dropped to ten or fifteen miles below the speed limit.

Speaking With an Attorney

Driving in fog can be much more dangerous than many people think. And as residents have seen, the fog in New Jersey can become very thick. Keeping these safety precautions in mind when traveling through fog is a great way for drivers to do their part and try to keep everyone safe. If you want to know more tips for driving safely through fog in Cherry Hill, speak with an experienced car accident attorney. A qualified car accident lawyer can work to protect your safety and your rights.