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Cherry Hill Cruise Control Safety Tips 

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Cruise control is one of the features available on modern cars that can be very convenient for drivers. While on long trips it can not only provide for better fuel efficiency, but it can also eliminate one thing the driver needs to focus on while driving. In fact, it can be said that using cruise control is even safer because a driver can simply set it to the speed limit and not worry that they will go over that speed. But used improperly, cruise control can be very dangerous. So it is important that drivers know how to use it correctly. If you want to know more about Cherry Hill cruise control safety tips, consult a knowledgeable car accident attorney that can advocate for you.

When to Use Cruise Control

There are two things to think about when it comes to cruise control: when to use it, and where to use it. One of the important Cherry Hill cruise control safety tips to keep in mind is to use cruise control when the weather is good. Cruise control is really only meant to be used in good conditions. Using it when it is raining can cause the vehicle to lose traction, as water can build up and create a barrier between the vehicle’s tires and the road. In the worst of cases, such as when there are large puddles on the road, it can also cause the road to hydroplane. In any case, however, the combination of water and cruise control can cause a driver to easily lose control.

Using Cruise control should also never be used when the roads are icy or covered in snow. These conditions can cause a vehicle to start skidding and when that happens, the car’s speed needs to be slowly reduced. This takes longer when cruise control is engaged because the driver will need to first turn cruise control off and then slow the car down. The delay that one action could cause can turn a sticky situation into quite a serious one.

Where to Use Cruise Control

In addition to when to use cruise control, it is also important for drivers to know where to use it. Using it in the city can be dangerous, as there are more stops with traffic stops, stop signs and pedestrians that may suddenly cross the road. But the type of road is also important. Cruise control should never be used on windy roads that have lots of turns and twists. In these situations, a car may need to constantly slow down and drivers need to maintain an even sharper focus on the road; two things that cruise control typically does not allow for.

Where Are the Settings For Cruise Control?

Lastly, all drivers that plan on using cruise control should get to know where the settings for them are in the vehicle before heading out on the road. This is particularly true when they have not driven the vehicle before, such as when getting a new car. Looking down and trying to figure out the controls is very dangerous if it is done while driving, as it means the driver will need to take their eyes off the road for several seconds at a time.

Cruise control is convenient, and at times can even be very safe to use. But in order to take advantage of the safety, it can bring drivers need to know how to use it, when to use it, and where to use it. If you want to know more about Cherry Hill cruise control safety tips, and how to make safe decisions while driving, consult a Cherry Hill car accident lawyer today.