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Cherry Hill Pedestrian Accident Scenarios

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Pedestrian accidents happen for various reasons. For any of the following Cherry Hill pedestrian accident scenarios, contact a distinguished lawyer. Discussing your injuries and the details of your accident with a pedestrian accident attorney can be helpful in your pursuit for damages.


Pedestrians are often injured at crosswalks. Many pedestrian accident scenarios in Cherry Hill involve crosswalks because drivers of motor vehicles are distracted or not yielding the right of way or driving at excessive speeds.

Pedestrian Accident Scenarios in Parking Lots

Pedestrian accidents happen in parking lots quite frequently. Whether it is on a private property or public property, there is no question that motor vehicles have to take reasonable steps to be alert of their surroundings, particularly in parking lots because they know where the pedestrians are walking about. There is are a lot of Cherry Hill pedestrian accident scenarios in parking lots because drivers are often in a hurry or distracted or not paying attention to their surroundings, and this will cause significant injury.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of local shopping areas where people are moving in and out of parking lots. There is a high number of Cherry Hill pedestrian accident scenarios involving cars backing up, particularly in parking lots. Usually, the drivers of vehicles are in a rush or not taking the time to make sure areas are clear as they back up their cars and this causes significant injuries to pedestrians.

Private Property Accidents

Regardless of location, an investigation of both public and private properties would be handled the same way. The main goals of that investigation include preserving evidence, locating any possible witnesses, and reviewing facts to determine who was at fault for the accident.

There may be different legal issues surrounding Cherry Hill pedestrian accident scenarios at a private versus public lot with respect to giving certain notices under the law and things of that nature to a public entity. It is very important to anybody involved in a pedestrian accident to immediately contact at attorney to make sure all their rights are protected.

Pedestrians without Sidewalks

Many Cherry Hill pedestrian accident scenarios involve people on foot having to share the roadway with motor vehicles and vice versa. There may be times when somebody is walking along a roadway with no sidewalks. Motor vehicle operators need to be aware of these situations and respect pedestrians on the roadway. The rules of the road insist there are mutual responsibilities of pedestrians and operators of motor vehicles, as both must share the road.

Right Turn on Red Pedestrian Accidents

Attorneys are involved in many Cherry Hill pedestrian accident scenarios where someone is struck by a car as it was turning on a red light while they were trying to cross the street on foot. Motor vehicle operators have a responsibility before they turn right on red to make sure that the area is clear before turning. Pedestrians who have the right of way at a stop need to be very mindful of cars turning right into their path of travel and also need to be alert, but certainly the driver of the motor vehicle has to be very vigilant in taking observations before proceeding to make a right-hand turn on a red.

Left Turn Pedestrian Accidents

In many Cherry Hill pedestrian accident scenarios, the pedestrian is injured while crossing a street. Motor vehicles, before they make a left and cross an intersection, have an obligation to make sure the area is safe and that there is no immediate hazard. A pedestrian crossing the roadway also has a responsibility to make sure the area is safe as they proceed across. Both have mutual responsibilities with respect to safety. However, there is a potential for the driver of a vehicle to accelerate at a much quicker pace, causing a lot more damage in striking a pedestrian.

Pedestrians Injured by Public Transportation

Pedestrian accident scenarios can involve not only a school bus, but also public transportation buses as well as charter buses. Anytime there is a collision between a pedestrian and a bus, the injuries tend to be more significant. However, the law may apply differently depending on the type of bus. For example, a school bus or a public bus may have some protections of the law because they are related to a public entity.

Any pedestrian who has been involved in an accident with a bus should take immediate steps to contact an experienced attorney who can protect their rights, because public entity buses have certain notice requirements and other legal hurdles that must be overcome.

Bus Stops

Our attorneys are involved in numerous pedestrian accidents at public bus stops or with public buses. Public bus drivers are trained on how to properly stop, how to load and unload passengers, and how to make sure the area is safe before proceeding. Typical bus stop injuries can be sustained from getting onto a bus or exiting a bus because its driver moved the vehicle too soon or parked or stopped it in an inappropriate location and exposed the pedestrian to dangers.

Pedestrian Accident Scenarios in Cherry Hill Involving Stop Signs

Our attorneys have been involved in countless Cherry Hill pedestrian accident scenarios involving stop signs because drivers of motor vehicles fail to stop or fail to yield to the person on foot attempting to cross at the intersection. Stop signs are like any other traffic signal and must be followed not by drivers, and those who arrive at stop signs need to have a heightened sense of responsibility, particularly in a high pedestrian traffic areas.