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Cherry Hill Truck Accident Wrongful Death Lawyer

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Accidents involving trucks tend to be more severe than wrecks with passenger vehicles. The size of the tractor trailer can cause a devastating impact in a collision, which can lead to serious and debilitating injuries. Unfortunately, this also means it is common for a trucking accident to be fatal. If one of your loved ones has passed away in a commercial vehicle accident that was not their fault, reach out to one of our compassionate wrongful death attorneys. A Cherry Hill truck accident wrongful death lawyer on our team could help your family find closure by filing a claim against the negligent party on your behalf.

Defendants in a Truck Accident Wrongful Death Case

Most of the time, a wrongful death claim involving a trucking accident includes multiple defendants. In addition to the truck driver, the company that employed them can also be held liable. The truck the driver was using could also be owned by multiple companies. In a commercial vehicle collision case, there may be one company that owns the truck and another company that owns the trailer. There are many moving parts and different things to consider when there is a fatal truck crash. Therefore, it may be essential to work with a Cherry Hill attorney who understands the unique aspects of wrongful death claims involving truck collisions.

Guidelines and Training for Truck Drivers

Truck accident cases are handled differently than car wrecks due to the federal and state guidelines on tractor trailers. For example, there are certain time restraints that are put on how many hours in a row a truck driver can be driving, how many breaks they need to take, and how long they can actually be on the road. Sometimes truck drivers skip their breaks in order to get their deliveries out as fast as possible. When this happens, the driver could fall asleep at the wheel or may have a slow reaction time due to being fatigued. Therefore, during the discovery process, a Cherry Hill lawyer would want to know if the truck driver followed the federal and state guidelines or not before causing someone’s untimely passing.

Also, an attorney will look into the training system that the trucking companies have for their drivers to ensure that the defendant truck driver was adequately trained. Just because someone is able to drive a motor vehicle does not mean they can drive a tractor trailer. Truck drivers need to be properly trained and have certain qualifications on their licenses.

When the Truck Driver is an Independent Worker

When the truck driver is an independent worker, there can be a third-party element added to the claim. An experienced attorney could help a grieving family identify which parties could be held liable for their loved one’s wrongful death.

Insurance Company’s Role in Cherry Hill Truck Accidents

The role of insurance in a truck accident is similar to other auto accidents, which means that the insurance companies are the ones that are ultimately responsible. The only difference is that sometimes truck companies may be self-insured up to a certain limit. In addition to dealing with the insurance company itself, an individual may be dealing directly with the company because of the self-insured aspect of it.

For more information about the role of insurance in a fatal truck accident, reach out to one of our accomplished attorneys today. If one of your loved ones passed away in a commercial vehicle collision, a Cherry Hill truck accident wrongful death lawyer could help you file a claim against the responsible parties. A claim will not bring your loved one back, but it could bring you and your family closure following the unfortunate accident. We are here to help you, so call today to schedule a consultation.