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Traumatic Brain Injuries Following a Cherry Hill Bicycle Accident

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Any injury to the head can be considered a traumatic brain injury, even a mild concussion is a brain injury. A traumatic brain injury is the result of trauma to the brain incurred as a result of, for instance, a bicycle or a car accident. It could result in significant, permanent brain and cognitive dysfunction, or something as minor as a concussion (although there is no such thing as a minor concussion), which they have proven to have long-term effects.

Traumatic brain injuries following a Cherry Hill bicycle accident can have long-term consequences. However, any injury that has not healed to function normally (back to 100 percent) is going to have long-term consequences, and someone should be compensated for that. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer can help prove that no fault of their own, a potential client may have to live with this permanent injury or permanent condition for the rest of their lives.

Common Causes of a Brain Injury

Usually, when someone is involved in a bicycle accident, they hit their head. Someone can hit their head either as a result of the impact itself or from being thrown from the bicycle. Traumatic brain injuries following a Cherry Hill bicycle accident can result in or begin as a concussion. The action of a person’s body being jolted in a certain way, hitting their head in the process, could leave that individual with a concussion. The human brain is not meant to be jolted around the way it does when a person is involved in an accident.

How Serious is a Brain Injury?

Research shows that the cumulative nature of concussions can result in very, very serious complications. Even if a person is diagnosed with a mild concussion, if that person has had concussions in the past, that cumulative nature could result in more significant problems. It also affects every aspect of the person’s life. A traumatic brain injury will affect that person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether that person is home with family, at work, and or trying to sleep. Every single thing that person does in life is going to be impacted.

Following a Brain Injury

If anyone suspects that they have sustained traumatic brain injuries following a Cherry Hill bicycle accident, they should seek medical treatment. Early diagnosis is imperative. The first symptom of a brain injury may be difficulty in concentrating, problems with vision, headaches. A doctor would be aware of any other signs that the person is having which would lead to the diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury, and would be ready to implement the proper procedure to try to get that person better. The injured person should not look at TV or a computer screen, do strenuous activity, et cetera until their condition has improved. Anyone involved in an incident that caused traumatic brain injury should go to a specialist immediately to be placed on a course of therapy to get better. It may be beneficial to also reach out to an attorney who can begin filing a case for damages on your behalf.