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Damages in Cherry Hill Dog Bite Cases

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In a dog bite case, there are various forms of available damages, generally including economic and non-economic losses. Recoverable economic damages in Cherry Hill dog bite cases cover medical bills and lost wages, and those both would include past medical bills and wages as well as any future medical bills and wages if you are out of work for an extended period of time.

Non-economic losses are going to include the injuries, pain, suffering, scarring, impact, and emotional harm resulting from a dog bite. A distinguished dog bite attorney could help you seek damages for any harm you may have sustained.

Economic, Non-Economic, and Punitive Damages

The common forms of dog bite damages in Cherry Hill are economic and non-economic losses. Rarely would there be punitive damages for a local dog bite case, but it is possible. Economic damages are things that have a definitive number value, like lost wages and medical bills. They are easier to identify because someone’s medical bills and lost wages are known and documented. If someone is out of work into the future or needs treatment into the future, then those future damages would be determined by experts.

A person’s non-economic dog bite damages are more difficult to ascertain because one cannot put a definitive number on them. Economic damages tend to be more of an objective analysis, and non-economic damages tend to be more of a subjective analysis. Every case is different and unique since everyone is affected differently by a canine attack.

Punitive damages are rare but may be awarded if it can be proven that the defendant’s conduct was willful or showed wanton disregard for someone. These damages would be used to punish that dog owner and deter others from acting similarly in the future.

Impact of a Severe Injury

The severity of the injury may impact the damages available in a Cherry Hill dog bite claim, because the lawyer’s analysis is going to emphasize the permanent or debilitating nature of the injury and highlight that those damages are going to be much greater than for someone who is not severely injured. If there is severe scarring or disfigurement, that is likely to increase the amount of damages. If there is a need for a lot of medical treatment and someone is out of work for a long time, that is going to increase the available economic damages. The more significant the injury, the more medical treatment will be necessary and the more wages will be lost, which will increase the amount of damages that the injured party can recover in a dog bite case.

Following a Dog Bite Claim

Some people have a negative stigma when it comes to dog bite claims, because they love dogs. A person who is bringing a dog bit claim for damages in Cherry Hill is trying to be made whole and put in a position they would have been if they did not get bitten or attacked.

Bringing a claim is not going to have any negative impact on the dog. You are going after the insurance company of the dog owner to try to be compensated for you injuries and made whole. For help calculating damages following a dog bite claim, it is important to work with an experienced attorney.

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