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What to Expect from a Cherry Hill Dog Bite Claim

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One of the first things that an individual should expect after filing a Cherry Hill dog bite claim is that the insurance company is going to contact the injured party if they made a claim themselves. Lawyers always recommend that the injured person not speak directly to the insurance company. That is something the attorney should do, as they do not want their client to give any recorded statements that may hurt them down the road.

To better understand what to expect from a dog bite claim in Cherry Hill, an individual should not hesitate before obtaining legal counsel. An experienced dog bite lawyer in Cherry Hill can help an individual prepare a claim and recover any potential monetary compensation.

Communication with the Insurance Company

Assuming that the attorney makes the claim, they will talk with the insurance company, explain the nature of the incident and the injuries, and wait to see how a person’s injuries progress. They need to know the entire medical picture before attempting to settle the claim.

A lawyer will want to know if this is something that is permanent, or if it will get better or worse. They need to know the entire medical picture before trying to settle the case. Once they know that, whether it is a couple of months or a year down the road, and they have a good understanding of the medical picture, they can send the claim to the insurance company to attempt to settle the case. This medical information includes all of the medical records, the medical bills, and any evidence that is important in the dog bite process.

To better understand what to expect when filing a Cherry Hill dog bite claim, a person should consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

Going to Court

What determines whether or not a person has to go court is if the insurance company makes a fair settlement offer. If the insurance company takes the position that they do not think that their defendant did anything wrong or they make an offer that is not fair, the only recourse is to file a lawsuit in the superior court of the appropriate county.

That is done with the approval of the injured client. They go over the offer, explain what the offer is, and whether or not they recommend it. If the injured party is in agreement, they will file a lawsuit. Simply because a person is filing a lawsuit in the superior court does not mean the case is going to go to a trial. It is important for an individual to understand what to expect when filing a Cherry Hill dog bite claim.

Ninety-five percent of cases still resolve before trial. It just means that a person is in litigation and they are going to have to conduct some discovery. However, the case could still resolve at any time.

Severity of the Injuries

The decision of whether or not to go to court comes down to if the insurance company or the defendant dog owner is making a fair offer. If someone’s injuries are severe and the insurance company is not offering them just compensation, the client is going to be advised not to accept that settlement offer and keep pushing in the court system.

It is important that an individual best understand what to expect when filing their Cherry Hill dog bite claim to help produce a successful outcome on their behalf.